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- MikroElektronika is a renowned producer of a wide range of development tools and compilers for various microcontroller families. MikroElektronika designs and manufactures complete solutions for PIC, dsPIC30/33, PIC24, PIC32, AVR, 8051, PSoC, as well as Tiva and STM32 ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers.

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Image of Mikroelektronika MIKROE-2274 WiFi 5 Click Board

MIKROE-2274 Wi-Fi 5 Click Board

MikroElektronika’s MIKROE-2274 Wi-Fi 5 Click Board features the GS1500M from GainSpan, which is a fully 802.11b/g/n certified module.

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Image of Mikroelektronika MIKROE-947 RTC Click Accessory Board

MIKROE-947 RTC Click Accessory Board

The MikroElektronika MIKROE-947 RTC Click is an accessory board in mikroBus™ form factor.

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Image of MikroElektronika's Digital-to-Analog click Boards™

Digital-to-Analog click Boards™

The MikroElektronika MIKROE-950 DAC click board is an accessory board in mikroBUS form factor.

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Image of MikroElektronika's 3D Motion click Board™

3D Motion click Board™

MikroElektronika’s 3D motion click board carries Microchip’s MM7150, 9-axis, sensor fusion motion module.

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MCC with Mikroelektronika Thumbnail

MCC for MikroElektronika Click Boards

MPLAB Code configurator (MCC) for MikroElektronica click boards provides easy integration of sensing, control, and communications for prototype designs.

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Image of MikroElektronica's 8 x 8 Y, R, and B Display Matrix click boards™

8 x 8 Y, R, and B Display Matrix click boards™

MikroElektronica' 8 x 8 Y, R, and B display matrix click boards™ feature Maxim's MAX7219 module and are designed to use 5 V power supplies or 3.3 V MCUs.

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3D MOTION click - example

3D Motion click carries Microchip’s MM7150 9-axis sensor fusion motion module. It’s a complete self contained solution comprising a 3-axis accelerometer, a gyroscope, a magnetometer, and a SSC7150 motion coprocessor.

DAC 2 click - Example

DAC2 click carries LTC2601CDD, a 16-bit digital-to-analog converter, along with voltage output screw terminals. The chip has high rail-to-rail output drives (±15mA, Min) and double-buffered data latches.

MikroElektronika Hexiwear | Maker Minute

MikroElektronika's Hexiwear is a wearable development kit capable of wirelessly connecting to nearby devices or the cloud.

8x8 R Click Boards™

8x8 R click is a serial 8x8 LED Matrix display, carrying MAX7219 8-digit LED display driver module, as well as 64 RED LEDs. 8x8 R Click™ communicates with target board microcontroller via four mikroBUS™ SPI lines (DIN, DOUT, CLK and CS).

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