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MEV3 Series 3kVDC Isolated 3W Single Output DC/DC Converters

Digi-Key introduces a series of single output MEV3 isolated DC/DC converters that offer 3W output in a 2W form factor

Murata Power Solution's MEV3 series is a range of isolated single output DC/DC converters that achieve industry leading power density, efficiency and regulation. Devices from the MEV3 series offer 3W of available output power in a previously rated 2W package to give designers potential board space savings of up to 68%.

•  Power density of 1.9W/cm3
•  Choice of 5V or 12V input voltages
•  5V, 9V, 12V or 15V output voltages
•  Recognition to UL60950 pending
•  Typical efficiency from 83% & galvanic isolation of 3kVDC
MEV3 Converter

Digi-Key Part Number Mfg. Part Number Voltage-Input Voltage-Output
811-2116-5-ND MEV3S0505SC 5V 5V
811-2117-5-ND MEV3S0509SC 5V 9V
811-2118-5-ND MEV3S0512SC 5V 12V
811-2119-5-ND MEV3S0515SC 5V 15V
811-2120-5-ND MEV3S1205SC 12V 5V
811-2121-5-ND MEV3S1209SC 12V 9V
811-2122-5-ND MEV3S1212SC 12V 12V
811-2123-5-ND MEV3S1215SC 12V 15V
Click here for MEV3 Converter Datasheet