Building a Standards-Compliant Wireless Charging System

Developers can utilize a few specialized ICs to implement AirFuel-compliant wireless charging designs.

Image of TE Connectivity AMP's ELCON Mini Power Connectors and Cable Assemblies ELCON Mini Power Connectors and Cable Assemblies

TE Connectivity AMP's ELCON mini power connectors and cable assemblies are ideal for applications including power distribution and telecom base stations.

10 Things to Know Before Starting a Raspberry Pi Project

The power of the Raspberry Pi single board computer can be implemented quickly and effectively if the user takes some advice from those with experience.

TE Connectivity 的 DEUTSCH 工業和商用運輸產品 透過 Digi-Key 向全球供貨

全球電子元件經銷商 Digi-Key Electronics 今日宣佈在豐富的庫存品項中,新增來自全球連接與感測器領導廠商 TE Connectivity (TE) 的 DEUTSCH 工業用環境密封式電氣連接器。

Image of SCS MIL-PRF-81705E Type III, Class 2 Static Control Bags and Film MIL-PRF-81705E Type III, Class 2 Static Control Bags and Film

SCS now manufactures a series of bags and film which are qualified to MIL-PRF-81705E Type III, Class 2. These products are on the Qualified Product Listing under the Defense Standardization Program.

Image of Everlight Electronics' UVA Series LEDs UVA Series LEDs

Everlight Electronics' UVA series LEDs are ideal for applications including UV sterilization systems, UV photo-catalysts, and UV sensor lights.

Image of MPD's BK-915 Side Loading Battery Retainer BK-915 Side Loading Battery Retainer

MPD's great connectivity of BK-915 makes it particularly suitable for applications where a reliable connection is paramount.

Image of NimbeLink's Skywire™ 4G LTE CAT M1 Embedded Modem Coming Soon Skywire™ 4G LTE CAT M1 Embedded Modem

NimbeLinks' Skywire™ 4G LTE CAT M1 embedded modem is compatible with a variety of Skywire development kits and microprocessor shields.

Image of Vicor's PI3741-0x Cool-Power Switching Regulators PI3741-0x Cool-Power® ZVS Switching Regulators

Vicor's PI3741-0x are high efficiency, wide range DC-DC ZVS buck-boost regulators.

EEPROM 3 click - Example

EEPROM3 click carries Atmel’s AT24CM02 DIP-8 socket EEPROM chip with 256 KB of memory. The chip has byte and page write speeds equal or less than 10 ms. It’s specified for a million write cycles, with 100 years of data retention.

發佈日期:2017-02-22 Duration: 1 minutes
Image of Amphenol FCI's USB 2.0 and Micro USB 2.0 Connectors USB 2.0 and Micro USB 2.0 Connectors

Amphenol FCI's USB 2.0 and Micro-USB 2.0 connectors are ideal for use in connecting removable storage devices in automotive multimedia systems and consumer applications.

8x8 R Click™ Board

8x8 R click is a serial 8x8 LED Matrix display, carrying MAX7219 8-digit LED display driver module, as well as 64 RED LEDs. 8x8 R Click™ communicates with target board microcontroller via four mikroBUS™ SPI lines (DIN, DOUT, CLK and CS).

發佈日期:2017-02-22 Duration: 1 minutes
Pulse Automotive Communications Video

Pulse’s Networking solutions for the modern car

發佈日期:2017-02-22 Duration: 2 minutes
Image of Littelfuse's TVS Diodes Compact 400W SOD-123FL SMF4L Series TVS Diodes 400 W SOD-123FL - SMF4L Series

Littelfuse's SMF4L series 400 W TVS diode can deliver 400 W at 10/1000 μs, but in a 50% smaller footprint than the SMA package, that is easy to lay out and well-suited for use in compact designs.

Migrating to Digital Power Conversion and Management for a Greener Future

Energy management through digital power control.

Image of ADI's AD957 Clock Generators AD957x Family of Ethernet Fiber Gigabit Network Clock Generators

ADI’s AD957x family of single-, dual-, and multi-output clock generators for communications, networking, and basebands.

Image of Amphenol's RF Edge Mount Connectors High Frequency RF Edge-Mount Connectors

Amphenol SV Microwave offers cost-effective, high-frequency, threaded or blind mate, coaxial edge-mount connectors for any PCB thickness.

Image of 3M's Hand Tool Kit 3829 MDR Hand Tool Kit 3829

3M's MDR is a complete portable tool kit 3829 contains tools needed for terminating cable to MDR (IDC) plug connectors.

Image of Panduit Pipe Markers Pipe Markers

Panduit's pipe markers are designed to visibly identify contents, flow directions and hazard classification, thus promoting a safe working environment.

Image of Texas Instruments' ISO773x Triple-Channel Digital Isolators ISO773x Triple-Channel Digital Isolators

Texas Instruments' ISO773x devices have an ON-OFF keying (OOK) modulation scheme to transmit the digital data across a silicon dioxide based isolation barrier.

Image of Mikroelektronika RF Meter Click MIKROE-2034 RF Meter Click

MikroElektronika's RF meter click is a radio frequency power measurement device covering a frequency span from 1 MHz to 8 GHz over a 60 dB range (approximately).

Image of Mikroelektronika RS485 Click Board RS485 Click Board

MikroElektronika's RS485 Click 5 V is an accessory board in mikroBus™ form factor.

FM0+ S6E1A1 Series MCU

This Cypress document describes 3-phase BLDC/PMSM low-voltage motor control using the FM0+ S6E1A1 series MCU.

Image of Texas Instruments' REF6025/6125 Voltage References REF6025/6125 Voltage References

Texas Instruments' REF6025/6125 voltage references are ideal for applications including ATE testers, oscilloscopes, and medical equipment.

Image of ROHM Semiconductor's KXTJ3-1057 Digital Tri-Axis Accelerometer KXTJ3-1057 Digital Tri-Axis Accelerometer

ROHM Semiconductor offers its KXTJ3-1057 digital tri-axis accelerometer with an extended g-range up to ±16 g and more flexible interrupt circuitry.

Image of CUI's Waterproof Micro USB 2.0 Connector Waterproof Micro USB 2.0 Connector

CUI’s UJ2W-MIBH-4-SMT is a micro B type jack connector with an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IPX7, offering it protection from liquid and moisture in challenging applications.

Thin Accelerometers Thin Accelerometers

Explore the features and benefits of the KX112 and KXJCB lines of Accelerometers.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-02-21
Image of Texas Instruments' LPV812 Dual-Channel Operational Amplifier LPV812 Dual-Channel Operational Amplifier

Texas Instruments' LPV812 series of nanoPower CMOS operational amplifiers are designed for long-life, battery-powered, and energy harvested applications.

SmartBond™ DA14586 Product Brief

Connected devices are constantly evolving. New generations appear that are smarter, more full featured and have longer battery lifetimes.

Image of SparkFun's Arduino compatible nRF52832 Breakout Board Arduino Compatible nRF52832 Breakout Board

SparkFun's nRF52832 breakout provides easy access to all of the chip's features. It breaks out all of the nRF52's I/O pins, provides a 32.768 kHz RTC crystal, a user-programmable button and LED, and a trace antenna to send and receive those 2.4 GHz transmissions.

Image of Mikroelektronika ADC2 and ADC3 Click Boards ADC2 and ADC3 Click Boards

MikroElektronika's ADC2 click carries the Microchip MCP3551 and MCP3553, which are 22-bit ADC with automatic internal offset and gain calibration.


Displaytech, a SEACOMP company, specializes in small to mid-size LCDs and providing superior technical support to our customers within industrial, consumer, and medical industries.

Image of Molex's TDP® Triad® Differential Pair Interconnects TDP® Triad® Differential Pair Interconnects

Molex features a "triad" design of differential signal and ground lines that achieve bandwidths of 5.0 Gbps and beyond for optimal bandwidths in cable-to-board interconnections.

How to Apply Thermal Interface Material: Thermal Tape

ATS demonstrates the correct way to apply thermal tape or single sided adhesive thermal interface material to a heat sink.

發佈日期:2017-02-20 Duration: 1 minutes
Image of Analog Devices' AD7761 ADC AD7761 8-Channel, 16-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs)

Analog Devices' AD7761 ADC offers eight channels and simultaneous sampling sigma-delta and has the ability to synchronize sampling of ac and dc signals.

Hybrid Stepper Motor Engineering

Hybrid stepper motors provide excellent performance in areas of torque, speed, and step resolution.

Image of Qualtek's Desktop and Wall Mount Power Supplies Level VI Desktop and Wall-Mount Power Supplies

Qualtek's Level VI desktop and wall mount power supplies feature universal AC input / full range.

Image of Microchip's MCP14A0451/2 Family of High-Speed MOSFET Drivers MCP14A0451/2 Family of High-Speed MOSFET Drivers

Microchip's MCP14A0451/2 devices are high-speed MOSFET drivers that are capable of providing up to 4.5 A of peak current while operating from a single 4.5 V to 18 V supply.

Image of Richtek's RT6204 Synchronous Buck Converter RT6204 Synchronous Buck Converter

Richtek's RT6204 synchronous buck converters feature a very wide 5.5 V to 60 V input range with an 80 V maximum rating, ideal for virtually any industrial application range.

Transient Voltage Suppression Diode Devices

Littlefuse's SMF4L series TVS diode is designed specifically to protect sensitive electronic equipment from voltage transients induced by lightning and other transient voltage events

Image of Analog Devices' ADRF6780 Wideband Upconverter ADRF6780 6 GHz to 24 GHz Wideband Upconverter

Analog Devices’ wideband microwave upconverters are optimized for a variety of uses, and operates in the 5.9 GHz to 23.6 GHz frequency range.

S Series Square Stream

Small Size, Big Torque, Long Life, Square Shape DC Motor

Image of Noritake's TKU016CT-A100 FLETAS® Capacitive Touch Switch 4 x 4 Keypad Module TKU016CT-A100 FLETAS® Capacitive Touch Switch 4 x 4 Keypad Module

Noritake's TKU016CT-A100 semi-custom touch switch module are ideal for use in food-processing, laboratory, and manufacturing equipment.

Image of Klein Tools Illumination Lights Illumination Lights

Klein Tools flashlight with work light is both a bright, focused flashlight and a broadcasting flood light in a small package.

Image of Keystone's Surface Mountable Male Quick Fit Terminal Surface Mountable Male Quick-Fit Terminal

Keystone's 4928 and 4928TR SMT male tab terminals are specifically designed and packaged for use on PC boards in the same manner as other surface-mount components.


DFRobot is a robotics and open source hardware provider with a product catalog boasting over 1000 components and widgets including sensors, robotic platforms, communication modules, and 3D printers.

Image of Micronas HAL15xy Family Switches HAL 15xy Family Switches

Micronas HAL 15xy family consists of different Hall seitches containing a temperature-compensated Hall plate with active offset compensation and comparator, available optionally with open-drain or current output.

Selection of PM Motors

On this page we list several parameters that can be used in the selection of a PM motor.

Image of TE Connectivity/AMP's Mini, IP67-Sealed W2W Connector Mini, IP67-Rated, Sealed Wire-to-Wire Connector

TE Connectivity AMP's mini wire-to-wire connectors feature a press-to-release spring latch design to ensure a secure and reliable mating connection.

Image of RECOM Power RSOE and RSE DC/DC Converters RSOE and RSE DC/DC Converters

RECOM's 1 W RSOE and the 2 W RSE series are low cost, isolated, regulated, and short-circuit protected DC/DC converters designed for industrial applications.

Image of Dialog Semiconductor's SmartBond™ DA14586 Bluetooth® 5 SoC Coming Soon SmartBond™ DA14586 Bluetooth® 5 SoC

Dialog Semiconductor's SmartBond™ DA14586 Bluetooth® 5 SoC is ideal for applications including remote controls, beacons, Smart home, and VR controllers.

Image of Davies Molding's Clamping Knobs Clamping Knobs

Davies Molding's thermoset and thermoplastic clamping knobs guarantee a strong grip and are available in various sizes and finishes.

CoolSplice Connectors CoolSplice Connectors

Save installation time and eliminate the need to pre-strip wires, provide a water proof solution, and easy factory and field installation with CoolSplice.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-02-17
Engineering eBook

Collection of Technical Articles on Heat Pipes and Their Roles in the Thermal Management of Electronics

Tiny High Voltage Capacitor, ArcShield | Ask An FAE #4

Packing more capacitance at high voltage into a ceramic capacitor needs a cleverly designed electrode pattern. To prevent surface arcing, ArcShield contains a Faraday cage in a 1000 V package as small at 0603.

發佈日期:2017-02-17 Duration: 2 minutes
Image of Microchip Zigbee PRO Platform ZigBee® PRO Platform

Microchip Technology has released the industry’s first zigbee alliance certified zigbee® platform with zigbee PRO and Green Power features, formerly known as zigbee 3.0.

Image of Davies Molding's Bar T Knobs Bar T Knobs

Davies Molding's bar T knobs are stylish and functional, and available in various sizes and finishes.

Image of  Panduit's Pan-Lug LCAX Rectangular Terminal Connectors Pan-Lug LCAX Rectangular Terminal Connectors

Panduit Pan-Lug compression connectors provide permanent terminations for a variety of power and grounding applications.

Image of ADI's AD93xx / AD9680 Transceivers and ADCs AD9361 / AD9364 / AD9371 / AD9680 Transceivers and ADCs

ADI’s SDR solutions provide a radio platform for today and for the future by combining a radio frequency (RF)-to-baseband transceiver PHY and a digital processor.

Wall Plug-In AC Power Supply May Be First To Meet Level VI Energy Efficiency Standard

With its green-friendly power design, the new advanced WAU Series Wall Plug-In AC Power Supply from Triad Magnetics may be the industry’s first AC external power supply to meet the Level VI energy efficiency requirements of the U.S. DOE. and CEC.

發佈日期:2017-02-17 Duration: 0 minutes
Calculating the Loads for a Liquid Cooling System

This article presents basic equations for liquid cooling and provides numerical examples on how to calculate the loads in a typical liquid cooling system.

Image of Vishay Semiconductor/Opto Division's VOR High-Performance Solid-State Relays VOR High-Performance Solid-State Relays

The VOR family of SSRs from Vishay have a very low activation current which makes these devices ideal for embedded applications where it is desirable to drive relays directly from microcontrollers.

Image of XP Power's Surface Mount DC-DC Converters 0.25 W to 6 W Surface-Mount DC-DC Converters

XP Power offers fourteen high performance ranges of SMD DC-DC converters rated at 0.25 W, 1 W, 2 W, 3 W, and 6 W of output power with single and dual outputs.

Image of ADI's AD6684 Frequency Receiver AD6684 135 MHz Quad Intermediate Frequency IF Receiver

ADI's AD6684 is a high precision receiver with four 14-bit, 500 MSPS analog-to-digital converters (ADCs).

PULS 的 DIN 軌道電源供應器即日起 透過 Digi-Key 向全球客戶供貨

Digi-Key Electronics 與 PULS 簽訂新經銷協議,PULS 的高效率 DIN 軌道電源供應器即日起將透過全球電子元件經銷商 Digi-Key Electronics 全球供貨。

What is the Most Effective Way to Commutate a BLDC Motor?

Brushless direct current electric motors, or BLDC motors, are electronically commutated motors powered by a dc electric source via an external motor controller.

A Simple Means to Store and Visualize IoT Sensor Data

Storing and accessing sensor data to display real-time infographics for IoT applications.

Fan Filter Unit

Fan filter units (FFU) are used to supply purified air to clean rooms and clean booths at precision equipment factories and laboratories.

HAL 15xy SOT23 Multi-Purpose Switch Family | MicronasTV

Carolin Kaiser presents the HAL 15xy SOT23 Multi-Purpose Switch Family.

發佈日期:2017-02-16 Duration: 15 minutes
Image of SPEC Sensors' 968-032 Digital Gas Sensor Developer Kit 968-032 Digital Gas Sensor Developer Kit

SPEC Sensors is making it easy for Internet of Things developers to integrate gas sensing in their products.

Image of Texas Instruments' CC2640R2F SimpleLink™ Bluetooth® Smart Wireless MCUs CC2640R2F SimpleLink™ Bluetooth® Smart Wireless MCUs

Texas Instruments' SimpleLink™ CC2640R2F wireless MCU contains an ARM® Cortex®-M3 (CM3) 32-bit CPU, which runs the higher layers of the protocol stack.

Cosmetic Specification

The purpose of this document is to establish the acceptance criteria for the cosmetic aspect of Molex’s components and assemblies.

Image of ADI's SSM3582Z Evaluation Board SSM3515/SSM3582 Class D Audio Amplifiers

ADI's SSM3515/SSM3582 series of fully integrated, high efficiency, digital input stereo Class-D audio amplifiers.

Grocery Refrigerator

Refrigerators keep food, drinks, etc., at a low temperature. Typical household and commercial refrigerators run on AC power.

De-risking IoT Wireless Design

De-risking IoT Wireless Design: Leveraging certified modules and rapid iteration

Image of ADI's AD9530 clock generator evaluation board AD9530 / AD9531 Clock Generators

ADI’s AD9530 / AD9531 clock generators with single and three phase lock loop (PLL) cores.

Seat belt presents detection by HAL 15xy | Micronas

Seat belt presents detection powered by HAL 15xy functional safety Hall switch

發佈日期:2017-02-16 Duration: 1 minutes
Energy Storage System

Energy storage systems are devices that stores electricity to be used when needed.

Image of Diodes AP7350 Voltage Regulator AP7350 Voltage Regulator

Diodes' AP7350 is a low dropout voltage regulator that features extremely low quiescent current. It is well-suited for low-power handheld, wearable devices, and other battery-operated devices requiring an extended battery charge time before replacement due to its ultra-low typical quiescent and miniature package size.

Image of SCS 770075 WSMONITOR2 Plus Workstation Monitor 770075 WSMONITOR2 Plus Workstation Monitor

The SCS 770075 WSMONITOR2 plus workstation monitor uses a solid-state capacitance design to continuously test the ground integrity of two operators and one worksurface, thus eliminating the need for periodic testing.

Plant Factory

Plant factories are indoor facilities that artificially cultivate plants using the latest equipment and techniques.

How the Latest MEMS Inertial Modules Help Overcome Application Development Challenges

A review of the latest advances in MEMS inertial measurement units (IMUs) and how they can help shorten development time and overcome design challenges.

The Development of Wireless Charging for Wearable Health Monitors

Technological developments for wireless charging of wearable health monitors.

Image of Analog Devices HMC7950 GaAs, pHEMT Amplifier HMC7950 GaAs, pHEMT Amplifier

ADI’s HMC7950 RoHS compliant GaAs, pHEMT, MMIC amp features a wideband and low noise for 2 GHz to 28 GHz frequency applications in a 16-LCC_HS package.

Image of Texas Instruments' CC1350 SimpleLink™ Wireless MCU Launchpad Dev Kits CC1350 SimpleLink™ Wireless MCU Launchpad Dev Kits

Texas Instruments' Simplelink™ Sub-1 GHz and Bluetooth® low energy CC1350 wireless MCU LaunchPad™ development kit is ideal for wireless applications.

Image of Maxim Integrated's MAX8640Y/MAX8640Z Step-Down DC-DC Converters MAX8640Y/MAX8640Z Step-Down DC-DC Converters

Maxim Integrated's MAX8640Y and MAX8640Z step-down DC-DC converters feature a 4 MHz or 2 MHz PWM switching frequency.

Image of Panasonic's EYG-S Series Soft-PGS EYG-S Series Soft-PGS (Compressible Type) Pyrolytic Graphite Sheets

Panasonic's Soft-PGS (compressible type) graphite sheet is designed for use as a thermal interface material between rough surfaces in thin spaces.

DX07 Updated DX07 Series of USB Type-C Connector

The DX07 series is a user-friendly connector with reversible insertion and also comes with optional rear shielding.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2015-07-06
Can DC Microgrids Help Ensure Stable and Efficient Smart Energy?

An overview of DC microgrid structure and supercapacitor backup energy storage.

Digi-Key Encourages Engineers to “Dream Big” During National Engineers Week 2017

National Engineers Week in North America is happening next week and Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor, is once again celebrating National Engineers Week inspired by DiscoverE.

Combined AC-DC Microgrids

The paper devoted to the developing of DG system on the base of hybrid AC/DC network.

Image of Analog Devices ADuM260N/ADuM261N/ADuM262N/ADuM263N, 6 Channel Digital Isolators ADuM260N/ADuM261N/ADuM262N/ADuM263N 6-Channel Digital Isolators

ADI’s ADuM260N/ADuM261N/ADuM262N/ADuM263N are 6-channel digital isolators based on their iCoupler® technology, and combining high speed, SMOS, and monolithic air core transformer technology.

Analog Devices ADuM250N/ADuM251N/ADuM252N, 5-Channel Digital Isolators with iCoupler® Technology ADuM250N/ADuM251N/ADuM252N 5-Channel Digital Isolators with iCoupler® Technology

ADI’s ADuM250N/ADuM251N/ADuM252N are 5-channel digital isolators based on their iCoupler® technology. Combining high speed, complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) and monolithic air core transformer technology.

Image of Silicon Laboratories' Si533xx Low-Jitter, Fixed-Format Clock Buffers Si533xx Low-Jitter, Fixed-Format Clock Buffers

Silicon Labs is significantly expanding the number of fixed-format LVPECL, LVDS, and LVCMOS clock buffers with up to 10- or 12-outputs.

Image of IDT's P9242-R-EVK and P9221-R-EVK Wireless Power Reference Kits P9242-R-EVK and P9221-R-EVK Wireless Power Reference Kits

IDT's P9242-R-EVK and P9221-R-EVK wireless power reference kits are high-efficiency, turnkey reference designs for 15 W applications.

EC vs AC Fans Updated EC vs. AC Fans

Analog inputs, digital inputs, or serial interface such as MODBUS can be used to vary EC motor speed.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-08-24
Image of ITT Cannon CA Bayonet Connector Series CA Bayonet Connector Series

ITT Cannon presents reverse bayonet connectors with exceptional shock and vibration resistance. ITT Cannon’s CA bayonet series is a proven, versatile high performance interconnect solution for critical harsh environment applications.

Image of Texas Instruments' TLV8812 Nanopower Operational Amplifier TLV8812 Nanopower Operational Amplifier

Texas Instruments’ TLV8812 family of precision ultra-low-power operational amplifiers is ideal for cost-optimized systems.

Image of Analog Devices' ADuM121N Dual Channel Digital Isolators ADuM121N Dual-Channel Digital Isolators

ADI’s ADuM121N are dual-channel digital isolators employing iCoupler technology, and combining high speed, complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS), and monolithic air core transformer technology.

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