On Semiconductor IoT Development Kit | Digi-Key Daily

The IDK’s baseboard features the company’s advanced NCS36510 system-on-chip (SoC) with a low-power-optimized 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M3 core running the ARM mbed™ OS.

Advantages of Modular DC/DC Converters Over Discrete Solutions

As the prices for fully certified DC/DC converter modules are dropping steadily, they have now become a viable alternative to discrete designs.

Welcome to the Sensor World of Heraeus

Heraeus Platinum RTD overview of various use applications and benefits for different market segments.

Understanding, Selecting, and Effectively Using Current Probes

Current probes allow simple non-invasive measurements instead of measuring directly with an oscilloscope using current shunts, or current transformers.

Trinket NeoPixel LED Longboard - AGM Summer Break

Digi-Key looks to Noah in Another Geek Moment – Summer Break Edition to demonstrate the use of Adafruit’s Trinket NeoPixel LED Longboard project on Maker.io to create his own.

Image of AD9208 14-Bit Dual Analog-to-Digital Converter AD9208 14-Bit Dual Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)

Analog Devices’ AD9208 14-bit dual analog-to-digital converter is designed for use in communication technologies.

Image of Laird's Bluetooth 5 Low Energy (BLE) Certified Module Bluetooth 5 Low Energy (BLE) Certified Module

Laird's Bluetooth 5 low energy certified module based on TI SimpleLink.

Longboard LED

Longboards are one of the preferred transportation modes around almost every college. Travel around campus in style with this LED tricked out Longboard!

Image of Phihong's Smart and Fast Charging Adapter Technology Smart and Fast Charging Adapter Technology

Phihong's smart and quick charging adapter technology provides a decreased charge time for battery powered devices.

Image of Toshiba's TB67H400AFTG Brush Motor Driver IC TB67H400AFTG Brush Motor Driver IC

Toshiba's TB67H400AFTG is a brushed DC motor driver of a PWM chopper-type and is a dual channel H-SW driver which can control two brushed DC motors.

F2977 Datasheet

The F2977 is a 50 Ohm single-pole double-throw (SP2T) reflective RF switch featuring high linearity and wide bandwidth.

Image of Panasonic's DJ-H Series Relays DJ-H Series Relays

Panasonic's DJ-H series relays are capable of withstanding ballast loads up to 347 VAC required for the Canadian lighting market and have a TV-20 inrush rating.


Radiocrafts designs, produces and markets high performance, high quality and cost-effective standard RF modules for use in a variety of wireless short-range applications.

Image of Formerica TQS-Q14H9-J82 Optical Pluggable Transceiver TQS-Q14H9-J82 Optical Pluggable Transceiver

Formerica’s TQS-Q14H9-J82 is a 4 lanes aggregated 100 Gbps optical pluggable transceiver compliant with IEEE 802.3bm 100GBase-SR4 CAUI-4 and QSFP28 MSA.

Image of Toshiba's TB67S109AFTG Stepping Motor Driver IC TB67S109AFTG Stepping Motor Driver IC

Toshiba's TB67S109A is a two-phase bipolar stepping motor driver using a PWM chopper and has a built in clock in decoder.

The Top Five Reasons to Use Flat Cables

Cicoil Flat Cable has many technical and performance advantages over common round profile cable.

A History of Innovation

Cicoil invented the modern flat cable and continues to supply the most critical applications on and off Earth.

Flat Cables for a Round World

EZ-Flexx is the new flat cable from Cicoil that is as easy use as round cable.

Mission Critical Flat Cables

Learn why Cicoil Flat Cables have been specified for mission critical applications for 60 years.

NASBIS Insulating Sheets

A new heat isolating thermal management material from Panasonic.

Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet vs Copper

Because copper does not move heat fast enough for its size and weight, Panasonic has developed a new heat spreading material called Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet Material (PGS).

TE Connectivity LTE MiMo Antenna | Digi-Key Daily

The compact, robust, low-profile housing of the M2M antenna is weatherproof and contains two antenna elements with effective isolation and correlation covering all current global cellular and LTE bands in frequency range 698-960 MHz and 1710-3800 MHz

Creating A GreenPAK Design

Creating A GreenPAK Design

Testing & Mass Producing GreenPAK IC

To learn about testing and mass producing GreenPAK IC

GreenPAK Projects Development

Developing GreenPAK projects is made easy with GPAK development hardware and simple GUI interface of GPAK Designer.

GreenPAK Platform for Custom Mixed-signal IC Development

GreenPAK™ is a cost effective one-time NVM programmable device that enables innovators to integrate many system functions while minimizing component count, board space, and power consumption.

Achieving High-Resolution and Zero Latency Conversion in Precision Measurement Designs

For applications that need both high-resolution and zero latency signal conversion, designers can replace complex, multi-converter designs with a single device.

AVX SCC and SCM Series Supercapacitors | Digi-Key Daily

The AVX series of electrochemical double-layer capacitors offer excellent pulse power handling characteristics based on the combination of very high capacitance and very low ESR.

Phoenix Contact SDDC PCB Connectors | Digi-Key Daily

SDDC 1.5 connector system from Phoenix Contact features the latest SKEDD plug-in technology in a double-row configuration for high-density PCB connections.

Image of Littelfus's 437A Series of SMD Fuses Automotive AEC-Q200 Rated 1206 Size SMD Fuses – 437A Series

Littelfuse's 437A AEC-Q200 rated surface mount automotive grade fuses designed to operate under a wide range of ambient temperatures and are specifically tested to cater to secondary circuit protection needs of compact auto-electronics applications.

Image of II-VI Marlow's Multi-Stage Series Thermoelectric Coolers (TECs) Multi-Stage Series Thermoelectric Coolers (TECs)

II-VI Marlow's multi-stage series thermoelectric coolers (TECs) have higher heat pumping capability than single stage coolers.

Image of Nexperia's Automotive Diodes in SOD123 Package Updated Automotive Power MOSFETs in LFPAK33 Package

Nexperia's automotive power MOSFETs in a LFPAK33 package are suitable for thermally demanding environments.

Image of Nexperia's Automotive Power MOSFETs in LFPAK33 Package Automotive Diodes in SOD123 Package

Nexperia's AEC-Q101 qualified automotive diodes in a SOD123 (gull wing) package are easily soldered onto a PCB.

Electrosurgical Instrument

A high frequency electric scalpel, otherwise known as an electrosurgical instrument, is a medical device used for various minor surgical procedures.

Image of II-VI Marlow's EverGen™ Mini-Harvesters EverGen™ Mini-Harvesters

II-VI Marlow's EverGen™ mini-harvesters are compatible with vertical and horizontal surfaces and commercially available power management electronics.

Image of Knowles Voiltronics NT Series PTFE Trimmers NT Series PTFE Trimmers

Knowles Voltronics NT series of PTFE trimmers are designed for applications requiring greater capacitance and voltage ratings than the popular smaller trimmers.

Image of RECOM Power's RxxP2xxyyD DC/DC Converter Series RxxP2xxyyD DC/DC Converters

RECOM Power's RxxP2xxyyD 2W DC/DC converter series provides asymmetrical output voltages for next-gen SiC MOSFET driver applications.

Image of Honeywell's TruStability™ Board Mount Pressure Sensors Evaluation Kit TruStability™ Board Mount Pressure Sensor Evaluation Kit

Honeywell Sensing and Productivity's RSC series is a piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor offering a digital output for reading pressure over the specified full scale pressure span and temperature range.

Image of Amphenol's SOLARIS Series SOLARIS Series Slide Lock Connectors

SOLARIS is a small, plastic, easy-to-use rectangular connector designed specifically for low and medium power applications.

Low Power Energy Storage

An energy storage system (ESS) is an electric storage device that stores excess electricity produced at power plants.

ADI FPGA Solutions FPGA Solutions

ADI strives to simplify connectivity from their products to FPGAs & microprocessors in association with Xilinx to make programmable system design easier.

Knowles DLI

Knowles DLI manufactures high-q multi-layer capacitors (MLC), single-layer capacitors (SLC), resonators, filters, broadband DC blocks, thin film components, and custom ceramic components.

Lantronix IoT Products Now Available Globally from Digi-Key Electronics

Lantronix, Inc. (NASDAQ: LTRX) and Digi-Key Electronics today announced that Lantronix IoT modules, embedded and device gateway solutions will be available for immediate shipment worldwide as a result of a new distribution agreement.

What is a Temperature Rise Test?

Understand UL 310 temperature rise testing and how to pick the right cable for your application.

Image of Littelfuse's 470 Series Subminiature SMT Fuses Protect LED Lighting NANO2® Subminiature SMT Fuses Protect LED Lighting - 470 Series

Littelfuse's 470 series NANO2 subminiature fuses withstand surge and provide circuit protection against overload conditions for downstream components.

Image of ADI's AD831x Radio Frequency (RF) Detectors with TruPwr AD831x Radio Frequency (RF) Detectors with TruPwr™

Analog Devices' AD831x family has devices that can span the range from a low of DC to 10 GHz with multiple options in between.

Image of ADI's ADN8833 Thermoelectric Cooler Driver ADN8833 Thermoelectric Cooler Driver (TEC)

Analog Devices' 1 A TEC driver for digital control systems, optical fiber amplifiers, and optical networks.

Image of NKK's NR01 Series Rotary Switches NR01 Series Rotary Switches

NKK's NR01 features an anti-lifting design with crimped bracket feet for secure PC mounting. Totally sealed construction with up to five positions.

Image of IXYS' CPC11 Solid State Relay CPC1511 1-Form-A Normally Open Solid State Relay

IXYS Integrated Circuits Division's CPC1511, a current limiting 1-Form-A normally open Solid State Relay (SSR) that replaces electromechanical devices while enhancing the performance of switching applications.

Image of Littelfuse's SP1064 Series TVS Diode Array for LED Strings TVS Diode Array for LED Strings - SP1064 Series

Littelfuse's TVS Zener diodes fabricated in a proprietary silicon avalanche technology protect each I/O pin to provide a high level of protection for electronic equipment that may experience destructive electrostatic discharges (ESD).

Image of Bourns' MF-PSML Series of Multifuse Polymer PTC Resettable Fuses MF-PSML Series Low Ohmic Resettable Fuses

Bourns' MF-PSML series of Multifuse® polymer PTC resettable fuses designed to protect against overcurrent and overtemperature events for PC motherboard port protection, USB memory modules, and wearable device applications.

Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity for the IoT

Digi-Key's Bluetooth connectivity products are easy to implement providing your design with the leading edge, most widely adopted wireless technology.

Image of Broadcom's programmable angular magnetic encoder AEAT-8800-Q24 Angular Magnetic Rotary Sensor

Broadcom's AEAT-8800-Q24 is an angular magnetic rotary sensor that provides accurate angular measurement over a full 360 degrees of rotation.

EMI Suppression Capacitors Thumbnail EMI Suppression Capacitors

Kemet’s EMI suppression capacitors offer multiple types for optimal performance in applications such as low frequency, harsh environments and automotive.

Image of Lumex's SML-LX0201 Series LED SML-LX0201 Series LED

Lumex's SML-LX0201 series LEDs can be used for almost any indication in tight spaces.

Kennedy Labs

Kennedy Labs is a manufacturer of 2D films, powders, pastes, and we assist OEMs in evaluating and integrating our 2D materials into next generation industrial components and systems.

Image of Precision Technology's BeagleBoard-X15 BeagleBoard-X15

Precision Technology’s BeagleBoard-X15 is the top performing, mainline Linux enabled, power-users’ dream board with a core tailored for every computing task.

AdaBox003 Unboxing and Demos

ADABOX003 is designed to introduce a new person the joys of making electronics and specifically the world of IoT.

RGB Color Digital Signage/Video Wall

OSRAM's RGB Color Digital Signage/Video Wall

Image of United Chemi-Con's KMZ Series KMZ Series Snap-In Capacitors

United Chemi-Con's KMZ series aluminum electrolytic snap-in capacitors with 2,000 hours of operation at 105℃ with full ripple guaranteed.

Phosphor Converter Yellow LEDs

Ideal for applications where higher temperature operating conditions may exist and help maximize warm lumen output for superior performance in demanding applications.

Automotive Aftermarket/Transportation

OSRAM's Automotive Aftermarket/Transportation

Projection and Near to Eye (NTE)

OSRAM's Projection and Near to Eye (NTE)

Image of Adafruit's AdaBox003 ESP8266 Feather Based IoT Kit AdaBox003 ESP8266 Feather Based IoT Kit

Adafruit's ADABOX003 is designed to introduce a new person the joys of making electronics and specifically the world of IoT.

Image of United Chemi-Con's HXC Series Hybrid Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors HXC Series Electrolytic Capacitors

United Chemi-Con’s HXC series hybrid polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors to be used in applications where >16 VDC polymer capacitor performance is desirable.

Image of SEMCO's Low ESL 3 Terminal Capacitor Low ESL 3-Terminal Capacitor

Samsung Electro-Mechanics' low ESL 3 terminal capacitor can reduce the number of general capacitors for space saving.

Product Selector Guides

Tripp-Lite’s Product Selector Guide allows you to easily find products ranging from power, storage, cables and more available at Digi-Key today.

Image of Silicon Labs EFM32xG11 Giant Gecko MCUs EFM32xG11 Giant Gecko MCUs

Silicon Labs' EFM32GG11 includes a powerful 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4 and provides robust security via a unique cryptographic hardware engine.

NIR Spectroscopy

We are going to look at some spectroscopy end product uses and the case for the SFH 473X series from Osram.

Variable/Electronic Message Signs

OSRAM's Variable/Electronic Message Signs

HighCap-SM High Capacitance MLCC

This presentation will introduce the Samsung high capacitance MLCC as a solution for replacement of Al electrolytic capacitor and Ta capacitor.

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2017-08-11
Image of Arduino's MKRZero with Headers MKRZero with Headers

Arduino's MKRZero is a learning and development board which contains the Microchip SAMD21 micro controller.

Image of Osram's SFH 4735 Broadband Infrared LED SFH 4735 Broadband Infrared LED

OSRAM's SFH 4735 is the world's first broadband emitting infrared LED, and is ideally suited as a light source for near-infrared spectroscopy.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The network of physical objects - devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items - embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity to allow objects to be sensed and controlled remotely.

Infrared (IR) Illumination for Unseen Performance Boost

OSRAM's Infrared (IR) Illumination for Unseen Performance Boost

Emergency Vehicle Lighting (EVL)

OSRAM's Emergency Vehicle Lighting (EVL)

Pimoroni CodeBug Programmable Board | Maker Minute

CodeBug from Pimoroni is a programmable board designed to introduce people of all ages to electronics.

Sensing on a Zero Power Budget

Ultra-low power and “no power” RFID wireless sensing.

PLX PCIe Switch Performance Ethernet

The enclosed document shows an example of a PCI Express host running a Gigabit Ethernet network. A PLX switch is added to the network and the resultant system degradation is tested.

Gate Drive Optocoupler Provides Robust Insulation in IGBT Destructive Tests

This paper discusses the impact of unprotected IGBT destructive tests on the insulation barrier of an Avago gate drive optocoupler.

Tight vs. Loose Coupling of Differential Pairs

Review of differential pair properties and how they differ between tightly and loosely coupled pairs.

Image of SCHURTER's FMAB CEE and FMAD CEE Series Filters FMAB CEE and FMAD CEE Series Filters

SCHURTER offers the FMAB CEE and FMAD CEE series filters for 1- and 3-phase industrial and power distribution applications.

Image of InvenSense's ICS-40730 Microphone Coming Soon ICS-40730 Ultra-Low Noise Microphone with Differential Output

InvenSense's ICS-40730 is an ultra-low noise, bottom port microphone with differential analog output.

Image of Diodes DPS1113 Single-Channel Power Switch DPS1113 Single-Channel Power Switch

Diodes Incorporated DPS1113 is packaged in a lead, halogen and antimony free QFN package which is fully RoHS-compliant.

Image of Amphenol's Loose Pair Round Twist 'N' Flat 169-2832 Series Loose Pair, Round Twist'N'Flat® 169-2832 Series Flat Ribbon Cable

Amphenol loose pair, round Twist'N'Flat cable is designed to combine the electrical performance of discrete twisted pair cable with flat ribbon cable.

Image of Texas Instruments' DRV832x 60 V Three-Phase Smart Gate Drivers DRV832x 60 V Three-Phase Smart Gate Drivers

Texas Instruments' DRV832x family of devices are integrated 6 V to 60 V gate drivers for three-phase motor drive applications.

Image of Molex's Brad Nano-Change (M8) Industrial Cordsets Brad® Nano-Change® (M8) Industrial Cordsets

Molex's cordsets are used to interconnect miniature sensors and actuators found in industrial control applications. The small, compact M8 design also makes these cordsets well suited for applications requiring very tight spaces.

Image of Digi International's XBC-M5-UT-001, 3G (HSPA/GSM) Global Cellular XBee® Modem XBC-M5-UT-001 3G (HSPA/GSM) Global Cellular XBee® Modem

Digi International's XBC-M5-UT-001 modem has RF throughput of up to 921 Kbps and speeds of 7.2 Mpbs (downlink) and 5.76 Mpbs (uplink).

Using Non-transparent Bridging in PCI Express Systems

This paper outlines how to implement multiprocessor systems using industry standard practices established in the PCI paradigm.

Cut and Bending Switches

Comus switch lead handling recommendations and achieving an optimized switch modification.

Image of Diodes' AP3108L High-Voltage PWM Controller AP3108L High-Voltage PWM Controller

Diodes AP3108L is optimized for off-line power supplies that require ultra-low standby power, high-power density and comprehensive protection.

Image of Bourns' Model PSP60 Motorized Slide Potentiometer Model PSP60 Motorized Slide Potentiometer

Bourns' Model PSP60 is a 60 mm motorized slide potentiometer with high grade characteristics.

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