Image of Panduit's Pan-Term® Ring Terminals Pan-Term® Ring Terminals

Panduit provides an extensive line of tolling designed specifically to provide optimum performance.

ams launches world’s first digital multispectral sensor-on-chip leveraging breakthrough wafer-level filter technology

AS7262 and AS7263 six-channel digital multispectral sensor ICs bring the lab to the sample to enable a revolution in consumer and industrial spectral analysis applications

Image of Mill-Max’s 804 and 805 Series Triple Row Spring-Pin Connectors 804 and 805 Series Triple Row Spring-Pin Connectors

Mill-Max has developed its triple row connector series’ to include long stroke, through-hole mount spring-loaded pins and mating target connectors.

Image of Cynergy3's IWPTU and IWPTLU Series Wireless Pressure Sensors IWPTU and IWPTLU Series Wireless Pressure Sensors

Cynergy3's IWPTU and IWPTLU wireless pressure transducer is a cost effective replacement to traditionally wired pressure transducer that offer the advantages of a low-cost installation in inaccessible and expensive installation environments.

Inertial-MEMS Inertial MEMS Sensors

An overview of the STMicroelectronics MEMS sensors portfolio

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-20
Image of Bourns AA Series Miniature Resettable TCO Devices AA Series Miniature Resettable Thermal Cutoff Devices

Bourns offer their model AA series miniature resettable thermal cutoff (TCO) devices. The model AA series effectively delivers higher current overtemperature protection to make newer battery designs more reliable by controlling specified abnormal, excessive current virtually instantaneously.

Image of Analog Devices' ADSP-SC58x and ADSP-2158x Dual Core SHARC Digital Signal Processors (DSP) ADSP-SC58x and ADSP-2158x Dual Core SHARC® Digital Signal Processors (DSP)

Analog Devices' ADSP-SC58x and ADSP-2158x SHARC DSP feature SHARC SRAM with up to 640 kB and on chip memory protection.

Image of Schurter's T9-817 Series Circuit Breakers T9-817 Series Circuit Breakers

SCHURTER's T9 fuse holder style thermal circuit breaker series is now expanded to include a version for vertical PCB mounting.

Image of Molex's 4.3-10 RF Connector Solutions 4.3-10 RF Connector Solutions for the Wireless Industry

Molex's 4.3-10 RF connectors provide best-in-class passive intermodulation (PIM), less torque than current interfaces, and design flexibility with three mating options for right-angle and vertical plugs.

Air Mover Selection Air Mover Selection

This fan selection guide makes an attempt to lay out a logical approach to making the best choice on a cooling solution.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-20
Image of Littelfuse SLD8S Series Automotive TVS Diodes TVS Diodes – AEC-Q101 Automotive Qualified 7000 W – SLD8S Series

SLD8S series automotive SMT transient voltage suppression (TVS) diodes from Littelfuse offer a choice of 7000 W (10/1000 μs) or 2200 W (load dump) peak pulse power dissipation ratings in a surface-mount SMTO-263 package.

Image of Analog Devices' ADuM4121/ADuM4121-1 Isolated Gate Drivers with iCoupler® Technology ADuM4121/ADuM4121-1 Isolated Gate Drivers with iCoupler® Technology

Analog Devices' ADuM4121/ADuM4121-1 isolated gate drivers feature 2 A peak output current, 2.5 V to 6.5 V input, and 4.5 V to 35 V output.

Image of Bel Power Solutions' ABC550/MBC550 Series Open-Frame Power Supplies ABC550/MBC550 Series Open-Frame Power Supplies

Bel Power Solutions' ABC550/MBC550 series of open-frame power supplies feature a wide universal AC input range of 90 VAC to 264 VAC.

Low-Power Long-Range Wireless Technologies for Wireless Sensor Networks in the Internet of Things

Using LPWAN networks for IoT designs allows for longer connection ranges and fewer base stations are required to support wireless nodes.

Digi-Key 即日起全球供應 Sanyo Denki 耐用的 AC 與 DC 風扇和鼓風機

Sanyo Denki 兼具超長使用壽命、高可靠性及耐用性的 AC 與 DC 風扇及鼓風扇,目前可由全球電子元件經銷商 Digi-Key Electronics 提供全球性即時出貨服務。

BGM121 Bluetooth Module overview

With a mere 6.5 x 6.5 mm package, the BGM12x is the smallest footprint Bluetooth module with built-in antenna, oscillators and passive components so you can start miniaturizing Bluetooth enabled designs without sacrificing performance.

發佈日期:2017-01-19 Duration: 0 minutes
Image of Sanyo Denki Wide-Temperature Fans, 9GT Type Wide-Temperature Fans, 9GT Type

Sanyo Denki is the first fan company to release wide-temperature fans for electronics cooling with the 9GT series. These fans are able to operate down to -40°C, and up to +85°C.

Image of Sanyo Denki Long Life Fans Long Life Fans

With the longest L10 life rating in the industry, Sanyo Denki's long-life fans provide the best combination of high performance and durability.

Image of Inventek's Wi-Fi Dual Band Antenna W245-SC Wi-Fi Dual-Band Antenna W245-SC

Inventek's W245-SC Wi-Fi dual-band antenna feature stable and reliable performance that is ideal for applications when Wi-Fi functions are needed in handheld devices.

AN1048: Regulatory Certifications BGM121/BGM123 SiP Module

Silicon Labs wireless modules are certified to meet regulatory certifications such as FCC and CE.

Image of Maxim's MAX32625 and MAX32626 ARM Cortex-M4F Microcontrollers for Wearables MAX32625 and MAX32626 ARM® Cortex®-M4F Microcontrollers for Wearables

Maxim's MAX32625IWY+ and MAX32626IWY+ are ARM® Cortex®-M4F 32-bit microcontroller with an unconnected point unit, ideal for wearable medical and fitness applications.

Image of Analog Devices' ADE9078 Analog Front-End for Energy Metering ADE9078 Analog Front-End for Energy Metering

Analog Devices' ADE9078 analog front-end is designed for applications such as polyphase meters, power quality monitoring, and protective devices.

Image of Desco's Menda Flux Dispensing Bottles Menda Flux-Dispensing Bottles with Needle Tips

Desco introduces Menda low-density polyethylene (LDPE) durAstatic™ liquid dispensing flux bottles with needle tips.

Image of CUI's Open Frame AC-DC Power Supplies 185 W to 280 W Open Frame AC-DC Power Supplies

CUI’s open-frame AC-DC power supplies are higher-power additions to CUI’s latest generation open frame AC-DC power portfolio.

Image of Exar's XR7920x 40 V Power Modules XR79203 and XR79206 40 V Power Modules

Exar’s XR7920x synchronous step-down COT power modules are easy-to-use QFN package while providing high efficiency in a small footprint.

Image of InvenSense ICM-20602 6-Axis Motion Tracking device ICM-20602 6-Axis Motion Tracking Device

InvenSense's ICM-20602 is a 6-axis motion-tracking device that combines a 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer in a small 3 mm x 3 mm x 0.75 mm (16-pin LGA) package.

Image of Diodes ZABG4003, ZABG6003, and ZABG6004 Programmable Depletion Mode FET Bias Controllers ZABG4003, ZABG6003, and ZABG6004 Programmable Depletion Mode FET Bias Controllers

Diode's ZABG4003, ZABG6003, and ZABG6004 are low-power, programmable depletion mode FET bias controllers intended primarily for satellite low noise blocks (LNBs).

Image of Sanyo Denki High Static Pressure Fan, 9HV Type High Static Pressure Fan, 9HV Type

With the ever increasing demand for more cooling ability, the solution is to use Sanyo Denki’s high-velocity series of fans. These 9HV fans are available in 40 mm x 28 mm to 120 mm x 38 mm sizes.

Image of Panduit's Industrial ID Floor Tapes Industrial ID Floor Tapes

Panduit announces the addition of over 8,200 parts to their industrial safety solutions.

Image of TE Connectivity AMP's Push Grip Connectors Push Grip Wire Connectors

TE Connectivity AMP's push grip wire connectors are insulated splice connectors for electrical installations that are color-coded for easy identification.

BGM121 Wireless Starter Kit (WSTK) Radio Board Schematic

Silicon Labs' BGM121 Wireless Starter Kit (WSTK) Radio Board Schematic.

Image of InvenSense ICS-43434 Multi-Mode Microphone ICS-43434 Multi-Mode Microphone

InvenSense's ICS-43434 is a digital I²S output bottom port microphone. The complete ICS-43434 solution consists of a MEMS sensor signal conditioning an analog-to-digital converter decimation and antialiasing filters power management and an industry standard 24-bit I²S interface.

Image of Linear Technology's LTM2889 µModule Transceiver LTM2889 µModule® Transceiver

Linear Technology's LTM2889 complete galvanically isolated CAN µModule transceiver supports a robust 4 Mbps CAN FD µModule isolator with power and improves system reliability.

Image of Omron's G7L-X PCB High Capacity DC Relay G7L-X PCB High Capacity DC Relay

Omron's G7L-X compact power relay is capable of switching 1,000 VDC and complies with solar inverter safety standards (UL and EN).

Image of Analog Devices' ADRF6820 Wideband Quadrature Modulator ADRF6820 Wideband Quadrature Modulator

Analog Devices' ADRF6820, 695 MHz to 2.7 GHz quadrature demodulator is available in a 40-lead, RoHS-compliant, 6 mm x 6 mm LFCSP package.

Image of Analog Devices' ADL5380, 400 MHz to 6 GHz Quadrature Demodulator ADL5380, 400 MHz to 6 GHz Quadrature Demodulator

Analog Devices' ADL5380 quadrature demodulator offers an operating RF and LO frequency of 400 MHz to 6 GHz in a 24-lead LFCSP package.

Aries Low Cost, Quick Turn Small Outline Prototyping Adapters

Aries Electronics' features and general specifications for their low-cost, quick-turn small outline prototyping adapters.

Image of TE Connectivity Measurement Specialties' SP Series String Pot SP Series String Pot with Voltage Divider Output

TE Connectivity Measurement Specialties' compact string pot with “voltage divider” output provides ease-of-use and flexibility for measurement ranges up to 50".

Image of Kingbright's Heli Colour Series HELI Colour Series

Kingbright has announced an addition to their HELI lineup, the HELI Colour series.

Image of Sanyo Denki Silent Fans, 9S Type Silent Fans, 9S Type

Reduce acoustics levels in your products with Sanyo Denki’s silent fans. These fans have modifications made to reduce motor switching, structural vibrations, and impeller fluid noise.

Image of Analog Devices' ADXL345 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer ADXL345, 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer with 13-Bit Resolution

Analog Devices’ small, thin, and low power ADXL345 accelerometer measures the static acceleration of gravity in tilt-sensing applications, as well as dynamic acceleration resulting from motion or shock.

Image of InvenSense ICM-20648 6-Axis Motion Tracking Device ICM-20648 6-Axis Motion Tracking Device

InvenSense's ICM-20648 is a 6-axis motion tracking device that is ideal for applications looking to utilize on board DMP to run up to 9-axis sensor fusion algorithms on chip to help offload microcontrollers.

Image of Qualtek's Level VI Single Output Power Supply Level VI USB 5 V Single Output Power Supply

Qualtek has updated its series of AC / DC wall mount and desktop power supplies to meet U.S Department of Energy's efficiency Level VI standards.

Image of Allegro's A6862 Automotive 3-Phase Isolator MOSFET Driver A6862 Automotive 3-Phase Isolator MOSFET Driver

Allegro MicroSystems' A6862 is an N-channel power MOSFET driver capable of controlling MOSFETs connected as a 3-phase solid state relay in phase-isolation applications.

Image of Texas Instruments' ISO774x Quad-Channel Digital Isolators ISO774x Quad-Channel Digital Isolators

Texas Instruments' ISO774x devices are high-performance, quad-channel digital isolators which use single-ended CMOS-logic switching technology.

Image of InvenSense ICS-40618 High Dynamic Range Microphone ICS-40618 High Dynamic Range Microphone

InvenSense's ICS-40618 is a bottom port microphone with a differential analog output. This microphone can capture a very wide dynamic range with very low power consumption.

Image of Bosch's BMI055 Inertial Measurement Units BMI055 Inertial Measurement Units

Bosch's BMI055 inertial measurement units allows very low-noise measurement of angular rates and accelerations in three perpendicular axes.

Image of Sanyo Denki Waterproof Fans Waterproof Fans

For applications that require moisture and dust protection, Sanyo Denki offers axial and centrifugal fans with IP54, IP55, and IP68 ratings in multiple sizes.

Aries Low Cost, Quick Turn QFP Prototyping Adapters

Aries' features and specifications on their low-cost, quick-turn QFP prototyping adapters.

Combining Multiple Proximity Sensors Using a Single I²C Bus

Learn about the high levels of accuracy needed in proximity sensing and how they are being met by suppliers including STMicro and Fairchild.

Image of Toshiba's Low Power Discrete Semiconductors for the Internet of Things (IoT) Updated 適用於物聯網 (IoT) 的低功率離散式半導體元件

Toshiba 推出離散元件,非常適合用於您的下一個小型專案,滿足業界領先的效能和低功耗特點。

Image of Crouzet DCmind Brushless SMi21 DC Motors DCmind Brushless SMi21 DC Motors with CANopen

Brushless DC motors incorporating CANopen technology allow users to network several motors, and they are now available from Crouzet.

Image of Sensirion SHTW2 Xplained Pro Dual Humidity and Temperature Extension Board SHTW2 Xplained Pro Dual Humidity and Temperature Extension Board

Using two Sensirion SHTW2 humidity/temperature sensors, designers are able to detect if a person is wearing a device and make it smarter and more efficient with this information.

Image of Kemet's MLCC for ESD Protection MLCCs for Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Protection

Kemet's MLCCs feature enhanced internal designs for in-circuit ESD protection and is available in a variety of sizes, lead forms, and lead spacing for a wide array of mounting requirements.

Image of SL Power Electronics TE90 Series AC/DC External Power Supplies TE90 Series AC/DC External Power Supplies

SL Power Electronics announces the expansion of its highly efficient level VI+ family of external power supplies with the TE90 series.

Picking Smart Meter Capacitors | Ask an FAE ep.2

Smart meter capacitors need to have a long operational lifetime. Picking any off-the-shelf X2 capacitor might be an issue. Not all X2 capacitors are designed for a series coupling application, like those found in smart meter power supplies.

發佈日期:2017-01-18 Duration: 3 minutes
MEMS ruggedness over Quartz MEMS Ruggedness over Quartz

This tutorial will compare the performance, stability, and robustness of MEMS oscillators versus quartz oscillators.

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-18
Image of Crouzet DCmind Brushless Geared Motors DCmind Brushless Geared Motors

DC brushless motors from Crouzet are designed with an integrated control unit for motion control, position, speed, and torque.

Image of Sensirion SHTW2 WLCSP Humidity and Temperature Sensor IC SHTW2 WLCSP Humidity and Temperature Sensor IC

Sensirion's SHTW2 is a digital humidity and temperature sensor in a flip chip package.

Image of Littlefuse's HMOV Varistor Series Varistors for High Temperature and High Surge - HMOV™ Series

Littlefuse's HMOV varistor series can operate at ambient temperatures up to 125°C with 2500 V isolation voltage for various applications.

How to Use a Timer Relay (Syr-line) from Crouzet

Syrelec brand becomes Syr-line, the new specialized range at Crouzet. Meet the first member of the Syr-line range: The 17.5mm Analog Timers, a new family of 6 timers with higher power of 16A and double output of 8A, with all the classic functions.

發佈日期:2017-01-18 Duration: 7 minutes
Why and How to Sinusoidally Control Three-Phase Brushless DC Motors

Learn how integrated motor drivers and controllers can accelerate the design process and lower costs.

Low Signal Relays Low Signal Relays

Focused on low signal relays; specifically the five low signal families G6K, G6S, G6J, G5V-1 and G5V-2.

Duration: 20 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-17
Image of ROHM Semiconductor's BD570 Qi Wireless Power ICs BD570 Qi Wireless Power IC's

ROHM Semiconductor's BD57020MWV is an integrated IC for the wireless power transmitter. ROHM Semiconductor's BD57015GWL is a stand-alone wireless power receiver IC.


The smart way to design your application.

發佈日期:2017-01-17 Duration: 5 minutes
Image of TE Connectivity's Raychem Matched Impedance Splices Raychem Matched Impedance Splices

With the matched impedance splice, TE Connectivity (TE) solves the problem of costly removal and replacement of damaged RG-393 coaxial cable.

Long Life Fan Long Life Fans

This presentation will discuss the features, benefits, applications, and components of Sanyo Denki's Long Life Fans.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-17
Image of KEMET Dual Function Varistors Dual Function Varistors

KEMET's dual-function VM and VK series, which integrate a capacitor to suppress interference from devices such as DC electric motors, are ideal for protecting sensitive automotive electronics.

Sinusoidal Control of BLDCM with Hall Sensors Based on FRDM-KE04Z and Tower Board

This application note describes the design of a 3-phase BLDC motor drive with Hall sensor based on sinusoidal waveform and Freescale’s FRDM-KE04Z.

Image of Aven's Mighty Vue Pro LED Lamp Mighty Vue Pro LED Lamp

Aven’s mighty vue pro LED lamp is ideal for assembly, workshop, or inspection applications. This ESD safe lamp has adjustable color temperature (3500 K to 6500 K) and brightness control.

P9221-R 15W Qi Wireless Power Receiver Solution by IDT

The video provides an overview of the P9221-R; a highly-integrated, Qi-compliant wireless power receiver targeted for 15W applications.

發佈日期:2017-01-17 Duration: 5 minutes
Image of Switchcraft's Dura-Pull Connectors Compact and Durable Push-Pull Connectors

Switchcraft’s Dura-Pull series offers up to nine contacts in a durable metal connector only 1/2" in diameter.

Image of AVX SCC Series Cylindrical Supercapacitors SCC and SCM Series Supercapacitors

The AVX series of electrochemical double-layer capacitors offers excellent pulse power handling characteristics based on the combination of very high capacitance and very low ESR.

Automotive MEMS Timing Solutions

MEMS automotive solutions are engineered to guarantee the best frequency stability, Allan deviation, jitter, and phase noise under environmental stressors such as rapid temperature changes, airflow, shock, vibration, and noisy power supplies.

Image of Linear Technology SmartMesh IP SmartMesh IP Products

SmartMesh IP products from Linear Technology are wireless chips and pre-certified PCB modules complete with ready-to-deploy wireless mesh networking software.

Meet the Digi XBee® Cellular 4G LTE Cat 1 Embedded Modem

The Digi XBee Ecosystem harnessed power and flexibility to design the latest 4G cellular technology. The Digi XBee® Cellular is a pre-certified, cost-effective, and time-saving solution for OEMs to integrate cellular connectivity into their devices.

發佈日期:2017-01-16 Duration: 2 minutes
Mesh Networking Vs. Cellular Technology for IoT Applications

How do you choose between Mesh networking and new LTE networks rolling out such as Cat 1, Cat M1, and NB-IOT? Rob Faludi, Digi’s Chief Innovator, describes Mesh networking and cellular technology communication and explains the pros and cons of each.

發佈日期:2017-01-16 Duration: 3 minutes
MCP642x 90 kHz EMI Hardened Operational Amplifiers

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) results in signal degradation and in amplifi ers specifi cally, it increases the DC errors, current consumption and introduces unwanted tones at the output.

Image of SunLED's HRS Series LEDs Heart Rate Sensor Series LEDs

SunLED's HRS series is available in 0603 and 1206 packages which are ideal for any compact devices such as wearable electronics.

Image of 3M Shrunk Delta Ribbon (SDR) Cable Assembly Shrunk Delta Ribbon (SDR) Cable Assembly

Camera Link® applications will be able to take advantage of the line of shrunk delta ribbon (SDR) connectors and cable assemblies 0.8 mm from 3M Electronics.

Transportation Connectors

Transportation Connectors brochure from JAE

SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes

History of ROHM SiC Production including superior material properties of SiC.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-13
HV98100/1 Non-Dimmable, Off -line, LED Driver with Low Total Harmonic Distortions

The HV98100/HV98101 LED driver Integrated Circuit (IC) is an off-line, high-power factor, buck-boost controller targeted at general LED lighting products, such as LED lamps and LED lighting fi xtures with a maximum power rating of about 15W.

Image of Maxim's MAX40100ANT+ Amplifier MAX40100ANT+ Amplifier

Maxim’s MAX40100ANT+ is a precision, low-power, zero-drift operational amplifier (OP amp) available in a space saving 6-WLP package (wafer level).

Downloading, Installing, and Licensing MPLAB® XC Compilers Webinar

This webinar shows the steps you need to take to download and install a Microchip MPLAB XC Compiler.

發佈日期:2017-01-13 Duration: 9 minutes
Image of MPD's BK-885 12 mm Coin Cell Retainer BK-885 12 mm Coin Cell Retainer

MPD's BK-885 is a versatile, nickel plated 12 mm coin cell retainer with a low profile design that is ideal for the growing demands of portable electronic equipment.

10 Things to Know Before Starting Your Arduino Project

10 tips for Arduino project designers that will save you time, money, and frustration. Arduino boards and accessories are available at Digi-Key!

Module or Discrete Power?

A brief analysis of the benefits of using modular power supplies over having to design discrete solutions.

Image of Essentra Component's LED Nylon and PVC Spacer Series LED Nylon and PVC Spacer Series

Essentra Components offers its LED nylon and PVC spacer series which feature spacer lengths from 0.08" to 1.0" and extended LED wire protection.

Image of RAFI's RAFIX 22+ FS USB Feedthroughs RAFIX 22+ FS USB Feedthroughs

RAFI's RAFIX 22+ FS rugged USB feedthrough adapters use a 22.3 mm mounting hole diameter that matches the RAFIX 22 FS and RAFIX 22 QR actuator series.

Image of Hammond Manufacturing's 1590Z Series Enclosures 1590Z Series Enclosures

1590Z series enclosures are part of an ever-expanding selection of die-cast enclosures from Hammond Manufacturing.

Image of RAFI's RAFIX 22 FS+ Control Components RAFIX 22 FS+ Control Components

RAFI's RAFIX 22 FS+ control component generation provides designers with a basis for designs plus fast and cost-efficient installation options requiring a minimum amount of space.

Image of Mikroelektronika MikroBUS™ Click Boards MikroBUS™ click boards™

MikroElektronika MikroBUS™ click boards™ are plug-in play solutions designed to revolutionize the way users add new functionality to development boards.

Chip Antenna Design Assistance

Johanson Technology, Inc. Antenna Tuning and Characterization Services

Image of Artesyn's DS495SPE 495 Watts Distributed Power System DS495SPE 495 Watts Distributed Power System

Artesyn's DS495SPE is housed in 1U high rack-mounting enclosures measuring just 3.4 inches x 7.7 inches (86.3 mm x 196.5 mm).

RF Amplifiers Improving Gain with Matching RF Amplifiers Improving Gain with Matching

Demonstrate how to determine the gain improvement in RF amplifiers by using input and output port matching.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-12
Image of RAFI's Lumotast 22 Emergency Stop Push Buttons Lumotast 22 Emergency Stop Push Buttons

RAFI's extremely compact, Lumotast 22 emergency stop push buttons feature a low mounting depth of 27 mm and are designed for a mounting hole diameter of 22.3 mm.

Image of RAFI's MICON 5 Tactile Switches MICON 5 Tactile Switches

MICON 5 tactile switches, by RAFI, offer a high level of switching reliability while requiring a minimum amount of space and are offered with SMT and THT connection types.

SO2 Qualified Switches for Smoke Detectors

C&K Switches for Smoke Detectors - SO2 Qualification

Image of STMicroelectronics' STSPIN32F0 Motor-Control System STSPIN32F0 Motor-Control System

STMicroelectronics' STSPIN32F0 motor-control system-in-package combines the power and flexibility of a microcontroller-based drive with ease of use and space efficiency.

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