MAX14588 Adjustable Overvoltage and Overcurrent Protection Device

Maxim's MAX14588 offers adjustable overvoltage range between 6 V and 36 V

Image of Maxim Integrated's MAX14588 Adjustable Overvoltage and Overcurrent Protection DeviceMaxim's MAX14588 adjustable overvoltage and overcurrent protection device is ideal for protecting systems against positive and negative input voltage faults up to ±40V. It features low 190 mΩ (typical) RON integrated FETs.

The adjustable overvoltage range is between 6 V and 36 V, while the adjustable undervoltage range is between 4.5 V and 24 V. The overvoltage lockout (OVLO) and undervoltage lockout (UVLO) thresholds are set using optional external resistors. The factory preset internal OVLO threshold is 33 V (typical), and the preset internal UVLO threshold is 19 :V (typical).

The MAX14588 also features programmable current-limit protection up to 1 A. The device can be set for auto-retry, latch-off, or continuous-fault response when an overcurrent event occurs. Once current reaches the threshold, the MAX14588 turns off after 21 ms (typical) blanking time, and stays off during the retry period when set to auto-retry mode. The device latches off after the blanking time when set to latch-off mode. The device limits the current continuously when set to continuous mode. The MAX14588 also features reverse current and thermal shutdown protection.

The MAX14588 is available in a small, 16-pin (3 mm x 3 mm) TQFN package. The MAX14588 operates over the -40°C to +125°C extended temperature range.

  • Robust industrial power protection
    • Wide input supply range: +4.5 V to +36 V
    • Negative input tolerance to -36 V
    • Low RON 190 mΩ (typical)
    • Reverse current flow control input
    • Thermal overload protection
    • Extended -40°C to +125°C temperature range
  • Saves space
    • 16-Pin, 3 mm x 3 mm, TQFN package
  • Flexible design options
    • Adjustable OVLO and UVLO thresholds
    • Programmable forward-current limit: 0.15 A to 1 A
    • Programmable overcurrent fault response: auto-retry, latch-off, and continuous
    • Dual enable inputs: EN and high voltage HVEN
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Factory Sensors
  • Process Analytics
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Sensor Systems
  • Weighing and Batching Systems

MAX14588 Adjustable Overvoltage and Overcurrent Protection Device

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