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Thin Accelerometers Thin Accelerometers

Explore the features and benefits of the KX112 and KXJCB lines of Accelerometers.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-02-21
CoolSplice Connectors CoolSplice Connectors

Save installation time and eliminate the need to pre-strip wires, provide a water proof solution, and easy factory and field installation with CoolSplice.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-02-17
DX07 Updated DX07 Series of USB Type-C Connector

The DX07 series is a user-friendly connector with reversible insertion and also comes with optional rear shielding.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2015-07-06
EC vs AC Fans Updated EC vs. AC Fans

Analog inputs, digital inputs, or serial interface such as MODBUS can be used to vary EC motor speed.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-08-24
Power Supply Design Importance and Impacts of Efficiency Ratings of Power Supplies

This presentation will review power supply efficiency and its effects on power supply design as well as discuss the costs of wasted energy caused by lower efficiency designs.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-02-10
ISL3245xE ISL3245xE Family of OVP Transceivers

This presentation will explain where and how over voltage events occur and will also discuss whether the use of a standard transceiver in combination with external components can replace an OVP transceiver.

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2017-02-08
ISL8202M-ISL8205M ISL8202M and ISL8205M Fully Encapsulated Power Management

This presentation will give a brief overview of the features, benefits, and type of applications for Intersil's ISL8202M and ISL8205M power management modules.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-02-07
ISL68200 & ISL68201 Digital Hybrid Controllers ISL68200 and ISL68201 Digital Hybrid Controllers

ISL68200 and ISL68201 offer good transient performance, allowing for dense overall solution sizes and lower total BOM cost than competitive products.

Duration: 20 minutes 發佈日期:2017-02-03
Dynamic C What is Dynamic C

This tutorial will review important information on Dynamic C, including why one would use it, the benefits, and how to get it.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-02-02
Medical Device and Healthcare Medical Device and Healthcare

Meeting key requirements of medical devices such as reliability, miniature footprints, corrosion resistance to body fluids, long cycle life, and customization options.

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2017-02-01
PIC24F Curiosity Development Board PIC24F Curiosity Development Board

The Curiosity development board includes an integrated programmer/debugger with a USB Interface

Duration: 7 minutes 發佈日期:2017-02-01
1590Z Series Enclosures 1590Z Series of Wall-Mount Water-Tight Enclosures

This presentation will cover the overall design and key features of the product line as well as relevant industry standards, typical applications, and available accessories.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-31
Narrow Pitch Board-to-Board Connector, the WP21 Series Narrow Pitch Board-to-Board Connector the WP21 Series

The WP21 Series is a narrow pitch board-to-board connector ideal for handheld devices and consumer electronics.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-31
Optical Rotary Encoder Optical Rotary Encoder

Typical applications include medical devices, surveillance cameras, broadcast equipment, factory automation, three-dimensional measuring system, analyzers, and machine tools.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-26
FlexiCap Multilayer Capacitors FlexiCap Multilayer Capacitor

FlexiCap helps prevent the stress of bending and thermal expansion/contraction.

Duration: 3 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-25
Power Inductors Power Inductors

The multi-layer power inductor forms a low profile, cost friendly series by embedding the inductor coil on layers of ferrite magnetic material.

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-25
PX3 Series of Heavy Duty Pressure Transducers PX3 Series of Heavy Duty Pressure Transducers

PX3 Series heavy duty pressure transducers are they are efficient, offer a good customer value, and they are durable.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-23
Inertial-MEMS Inertial MEMS Sensors

An overview of the STMicroelectronics MEMS sensors portfolio

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-20
Air Mover Selection Air Mover Selection

This fan selection guide makes an attempt to lay out a logical approach to making the best choice on a cooling solution.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-20
MEMS ruggedness over Quartz MEMS Ruggedness over Quartz

This tutorial will compare the performance, stability, and robustness of MEMS oscillators versus quartz oscillators.

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-18
Low Signal Relays Low Signal Relays

Focused on low signal relays; specifically the five low signal families G6K, G6S, G6J, G5V-1 and G5V-2.

Duration: 20 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-17
Long Life Fan Long Life Fans

This presentation will discuss the features, benefits, applications, and components of Sanyo Denki's Long Life Fans.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-17
SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes

History of ROHM SiC Production including superior material properties of SiC.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-13
RF Amplifiers Improving Gain with Matching RF Amplifiers Improving Gain with Matching

Demonstrate how to determine the gain improvement in RF amplifiers by using input and output port matching.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-12
FPC Connectors FPC Connectors

Review of the difference between narrow pitch and FPC connectors, the FPC connector line-up, and the main features and benefits of choosing Panasonic.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-11
High Frequency Relay High Frequency Relays

This tutorial will highlight the features and characteristics of high frequency relays and present typical applications.

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-06

Minimal reverse recovery behavior of the parasitic diode and supports high-speed switching.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-05
SiC Power Module SiC Power Module

SiC modules are ideally suited to replace higher current rating IGBT modules.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-05
MCW 0612 AT Thin Film Chip Resistor MCW 0612 AT Thin Film Chip Resistor

Offers power rating up to 1 W which allows for a reduction in component counts and replacement of larger case sizes.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-04
LT3045 LT3045 Low Dropout Regulator

Linear Technology’s LT3045 is a high performance low dropout linear regulator featuring LTC’s ultralow noise and ultrahigh PSRR architecture for powering noise sensitive applications

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2017-01-04
WP10 Series High Power Board-to-Board FPC Connector WP10 Series

JAE has developed the stacking type board-to-board connector WP10 Series which has the small size of 2.2mm x 0.7mm stacking height for a high-current compatible connector

Duration: 4 minutes 發佈日期:2016-01-18
KW41Z Kinetis KW41Z/31Z/21Z Multi-Protocol Wireless MCUs

Kinetis KW41Z/31Z/21Z Wireless MCUs cover many requirements for today’s IoT applications by combining basic connectivity, power optimization and security in a single MCU

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-12-29
Ex polyester enclosure Ex Polyester Enclosure

This tutorial will review the features and available enclosure sizes from Rose Bopla, as well as the typical applications for the Ex series enclosures.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-12-21
FA-430 Fume Extraction System FA-430 Fume Extraction System

Specially designed for use at soldering stations by extracting the contaminated air directly at the source.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-12-21
FM-203 FM-203 Dual Port Soldering Station

This tutorial will discuss the features and benefits of Hakko's FM-203 dual soldering station, as well as the variety of handpieces available and how they can be configured.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-12-20
LGA80D Non-Isolated Power Converters LGA80D Non-Isolated DC-DC

The LGA80D offers the user an extremely high power conversion density when application space is at a premium

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-12-20
RF Synthesizer Overview RF Synthesizer Overview

The IDT first generation of RF Synthesizers are pin and software compatible with other similar solutions from other manufacturers.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-12-20
FM-206 Rework Station FM-206 3-Port Rework Station

This tutorial will discuss the features and benefits of Hakko's FM-206 3-Port Rework Station, as well as the several handpiece configurations and replacement parts available.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-12-20
Level Translation Introduction to Level Translation

This tutorial will review the basic concepts and different types of level shifters and discuss where they are used in system applications.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-12-16
FR-810B Hot Air Rework Station FR-810B SMD Hot Air Rework Station

This tutorial will introduce American Hakko's FR-810B, as well as discuss its features, benefits, temperature specifications, and the nozzles and accessories available.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-12-14
FR-410 FR-410 High Power Desoldering Station

This presentation will introduce Hakko's FR-410 high power desoldering station, as well as discuss the power and temperature specifications and its various nozzle options.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-12-09
FX-951 Soldering Station FX-951 Soldering Station

Delivering the same excellent heat transfer and thermal recovery as the FM-203, learn about the Hakko FX-951 single port soldering station

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-12-08
LTC2947 LTC2947 30A Power/Energy Monitor with Integrated Sense Resistor

LTC2947 is a power and energy monitor that includes a 30A sense resistor and targets DC supply rails in the 0V to 15V range

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-29
Inertial Technology Inertial Technologies Overview

Xsens technology is aimed at high end industrial components and reaches tactical performance due to the enhanced algorithms used

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-29
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Protection Hybrid Electric Vehicle Protection

Information of the battery charging and discharging circuit architectures within the hybrid electric and electric vehicle applications.

Duration: 20 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-23
PFC Rectifier Power Factor Correction (PFC)

New applications and requirements for energy efficiency are rapidly driving the need for power factor correction.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-23
RFI Suppression Choke RN Series of Current-Compensated RFI Suppression Chokes

This tutorial will give an introduction to RN current-compensated RFI suppression choke series, along with part number structure for ordering and typical applications.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-18
LTC3119 LTC3119 18V 5A Monolithic Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter

LTC3119 is a 5A monolithic Buck-Boost DC/DC converter that can operate over a wide range of 2.5V to 18V on VIN and 0.8V to 18V on VOUT

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-17
Heavy Duty Rectangular Connector Introduction to Heavy-Duty Rectangular Connectors Part 1 of 5

The Molex GWconnect Heavy-Duty Rectangular Connectors provide an extensive product offering for heavy-duty industrial applications including Industrial Machinery and Automation Equipment

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-16
SLLIMM-nano Intelligent Power Modules

This tutorial will discuss the main differences between IPMs and PMs, when each should be utilized, and the support STMicro provides for these components.

Duration: 15 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-16
rocker switch Rocker Switches

Review and explanation of the major features of rocker switches

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-16
Wearable Devices Applications for the Internet of Things Wearable Devices Applications for the Internet of Things

Switches which are ideally suited to the specific needs of wearable devices.

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-16
SMPM Connector Series SMPM Connector Series

This tutorial will present an overview of Amphenol RF's SMPM connector series product offering.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-15
Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR Sensors) Passive Infrared Sensors

Reviewing the function of PIR sensors followed by a closer look at the internal structure of the sensor.

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-14
4.3" Arduino Shield 4.3 inch Arduino Shield

Arduino Shields provide any level of engineer with the ability to effortlessly develop with either capacitive or resistive touch.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-11
MDS series internal medical MDS Series of Internal Medical Power Supplies

This presentation will provide an overview of Delta's internal type of medical power supply, including basic product information, design features, and general electrical specifications.

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-10
LMR160 SIMPLE SWITCHER LMR160 60 V 3 A Buck Converter

This presentation will discuss the SIMPLE SWITCHER regulator family from Texas Instruments as well as how to jump-start application designs.

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-10
Bluetooth 4.2 Overview Bluetooth 4.2 Overview

Cypress BLE solutions enables easy design of secure, high throughput wireless systems that are low power

Duration: 15 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-09
LTC3335 LTC3335 Nanopower Buck-Boost DC/DC + Coulomb Counter

LTC3335 is a high efficiency, nanopower buck-boost DC/DC converter with an integrated precision coulomb counter

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-08
EPU-3312 Raven EPU-3312 Raven Single Board Computer

This tutorial will provide an overview of the Raven features and benefits, provide application examples, and review the different product model offerings.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-08
WP25D Stacking Type Board-to-Board (FPC) Connector, the WP25D Series

WP25D Series is a 0.35mm pitch, low-profile stacking type board-to-board connector

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-07
SPI Flash SPI Flash

SPI solutions offer multiple advantages over Parallel Flash solutions.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-03
PMT Panel Mount Power Supplies PMT Series of Panel Mount Power Supplies

This presentation will provide an overview of the PMT series with high reliability at low price, including basic product information, design features and general electrical specifications introduction.

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-02
Modular OLEDs 2x16 Modular OLEDs

2x16 Modular OLEDs take the guess work out of OLED development by presenting an easy-to-implement module design

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-11-02
Anatomy of an Internet of Things (IoT) Solution Anatomy of an Internet of Things Solution

This module covers the four basic modules found in IoT devices.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-10-31
SmartBond Solutions for Proximity SmartBond Solutions for Proximity

Dialog reference designs offer Bluetooth Smart with low power, size and cost and yet no compromise on features or product performance and quality.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-10-28
Safety Certified Disc Capacitor Introduction to Ceramic Safety Certified Disc Capacitors

This tutorial will provide a basic overview of safety certified disc capacitors offered by KEMET, as well as testing requirements and general application information.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-10-27
KLS and KSS HyperFlash KLS and KSS HyperFlash Families

This presentation will cover the KLS and KSS families of HyperFlash NOR flash memory products from Cypress.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-10-27
Core Technologies Core Technologies

This tutorial briefly reviews the three classes of CoreEraser, the features of CoreProtector, and the operation of CoreDestroyer from Apacer.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-10-26
PSoC Analog Coprocessor PSoC Analog Coprocessor

Including programmable analog blocks/digital blocks, flexible and programmable routing and interconnects, and some Cypress technology like CapSense, all combined into a single chip, the PSoC Analog Coprocessor

Duration: 25 minutes 發佈日期:2016-10-26
LTC3374 LTC3374 & LTC3374A Buck DC-DC Converters

LTC3374 and LTC3375, the LTC3374A is a high efficiency multi-output power supply IC

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-10-24
MCP355x ADC MCP355x Delta Sigma ADC Family

Learn about the MCP355x family of low-power, Delta-Sigma Analog-to-Digital Converters

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2016-10-21
IoT Network Internet of Things Network Options

This presentation will provide an overview of the industry and solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as discuss IoT applications categories and connectivity options.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-10-20
High Frequency SMA End Launch Connectors High Frequency SMA End Launch Connectors

High frequency SMA end launch connector designs that offer excellent VSWR performance at a much higher frequency than standard SMA connectors.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-10-19
Air Flow Monitor Kit Air Flow Monitor Kit

Orion’s airflow monitor product offering includes a complete, cost-effective airflow monitoring system.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-10-18
nero and cleo NerO and CleO Introduction

FTDI highlighting the NerO, an enhanced Arduino UNO clone and the smart TFT display for Arduino, CleO.

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2016-10-14
IoT Solutions Solutions to Support IoT

Definition of IoT and the solutions they provide that support smart technologies. A short description of Multi Purpose Synchronous Serial Engine (MPSSE) mode.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-10-14
powerpath Prioritized PowerPath™ Controllers (or Prioritizers)

PowerPath controllers selects and controls the switches through which power flows to the system

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-10-13
power supply Energy Efficiency Standards for External Power Supplies

To explain the current and future regulatory environment for external ac-dc power adapters.

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2015-03-04
MDS Series: External Medical Power Supplies MDS Series External Medical Power Supplies

An overview of the eternal type medical power supply including basic product information, design features, and a general introduction to specifications.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2013-06-03
IoT Communication Solution Communications Building an IoT Solution

Building an IoT application will be successful if traditional product development practices are followed

Duration: 20 minutes 發佈日期:2016-10-07

In-DRAM ECC provides an advantage by removing additional requirements

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2016-10-06
LTC3623 LTC3623 Synchronous Rail-to-Rail Single Resistor Buck Regulator

LTC3623 is a high efficiency, ±5A synchronous buck regulator that incorporates a constant frequency controlled on-time.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-10-06
LTC3130 LTC3130/LTC3130-1 Monolithic Buck-Boost Converter

LTC3130/LTC3130-1 expands Linear’s high performance line of low-quiescent current, medium voltage monolithic synchronous buck-boost converters.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-10-05
Receive and Transmit VGAs Receive and Transmit VGAs

Variable gain amps are required in radio transmitters and receivers for a number of performance optimization reasons.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-10-05
ECC508A CryptoAuthentication ECC508A CryptoAuthentication

TLS is a secure communication protocol and secure connection between clients and servers.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-09-30
Sealed Switches Sealed Switches

This presentation will give an overview of E-Switch's wide range of sealed switches and the IP rating system.

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2016-09-30
RAC Family of Low Power Converters Low Power AC/DC Converters

Discuss benefits of RECOM’s low wattage AC/DC Converters and how it will be essential in the market

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2011-12-08
gecko Introduction to Wireless Gecko

Introduction to a platform for IoT solutions needing Mesh, Bluetooth, or Proprietary wireless protocols

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-09-29
High Capacitance (Hi-Cap) MLCC High Capacitance Hi-Cap MLCC

HI-Cap MLCCs are most commonly used in circuits for decoupling and smoothing.

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2016-09-28
Thermally Conductive Pyrolitic Graphite Sheets Pyrolytic Graphite Sheets Overview

Pyrolytic Graphite Sheets (PGS) are ideal for use in conjunction with conventional heat-sink methods.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-09-28
LTC3256 LTC3256 High Voltage Charge Pump

Overview of the LTC3256 High Voltage Charge Pump product from Linear Technology.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-09-28
RF Mixer Improving RF Mixer Performance with Image Rejection Techniques

This presentation will cover how to improve mixer performance by using Image Rejection Techniques.

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2016-09-27
LTC4013 LTC4013 60V Synchronous Buck Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger Controller

An overview of Linear’s LTC4013 60V Synchronous Buck Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger Controller

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-09-21
RJD Series Rechargeable Coin Cell Batteries RJD-Series Hi-Cap Li-Ion Rechargeable Coin Cell Battery

RJD series batteries offer exceptionally high capacity to enhance product operation with increased running time and power

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-09-20
Introduction to the Chiller Series Introduction to the Chiller Series

To identify and highlight the different liquid cooling chiller series that are available to meet the customer’s application needs.

Duration: 10 minutes 發佈日期:2016-09-19
Block Diagram for an Energy Harvesting PMIC Energy Harvesting PMIC Portfolio

Cypress provides the world’s lowest-power, single-chip Energy Harvesting PMIC solution for tiny, solar-powered WSN IoT Devices

EZ BLE EZ BLE PRoC Module Introduction

This is an introduction to the Cypress EZ BLE PRoC Module.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-09-16
UTX PV Solar Technologies UTX PV Cable Connector

The UTX Series is an evolution of Amphenol’s well-known H4 connector featuring RADSOK contact technology and is guaranteed to mate with the existing H4 line with an IP68 rating.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-09-13
VersaClock layout Master Clocking with IDTs VersaClock

This product training module briefly presents the VersaClock 6 and 3S devices from IDT and how to efficiently design them.

Duration: 5 minutes 發佈日期:2016-09-08
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