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Copal Electronics

- Copal Electronics 成立於 1967 年,屬於 Nidec Corporation 的子公司,是電信、電腦、工業、醫療和半導體設備市場的全球供應商。 針對這些市場設計和製造的產品包括微調器和精密電位器、開關、光學編碼器以及 DC 風扇。 Copal 也擴充其新產品的開發領域,包括矽晶壓力感測器、多面鏡雷射掃描器、DC 渦輪風扇和溫度可變衰減器。


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Image of Copal Electronics' JT22 and JT30 Optical Contactless Potentiometers

JT22 和 JT30 光學非接觸式電位器

Copal Electronics 的 JT22 和 JT30 是光學非接觸式電位器,適用於廣泛的應用。

Image of Copal's RE12x Series Optical Encoders

RE12A、RE12C 和 RE12D 光學編碼器

Copal Electronics 推出 RE12A、RE12C 和 RE12D 系列感測光學編碼器,非常適合小型應用。

Image of Copal Electronics' REC20 and RES20 encoders

REC20 和 RES20 光學編碼器

Copal Electronics 的 REC20 和 RES20 光學編碼器適用於需手動設定的應用,並提供多種解析度選項。

Image of Copal's Ultra-Miniature Slide Switches

MFS and MHS Series Ultra-Miniature Slide Switches

The MFS and MHS product lines are two of Copal's logic level, ultra-miniature, low profile slide switch offerings.

Image of Copal Electronics' M22L10 Wirewound Multi-Turn Potentiometer

M22L10 多匝電位器

Copal Electronics 的 M22L10 繞線電位器具有長使用壽命:至少五百萬次旋轉循環。

Image of Copal Electronics' CFS Series Dip Slide Switches

CFS 系列 DIP 滑動開關

Copal Electronics 的 CFS 產品系列是 1" 間距 DIP 開關,提供 SMT 或通孔式 PC 端子。


產品培訓單元 查看全部 (19)

Image of Copal Electronics RMS 20 Encoder

RE and RM Rotary Encoders

Duration: 5 minutes

Copal Electronics’ encoders are compact, have high precision, and high reliability for a widevariety of applications.

Optical Rotary Encoder

REC16 Optical Rotary Encoders

Duration: 5 minutes

Typical applications include medical devices, surveillance cameras, broadcast equipment, factory automation, three-dimensional measuring system, analyzers, and machine tools.


Pushbutton Switch

Duration: 5 minutes

From miniature to standard size switches, Copal Electronics has a wide variety of pushbutton switches to choose from.


3D CAD Models

Duration: 5 minutes

3D CAD models are now available for Nidec Copal Electronics’ Switches.