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Maxim Integrated

- 市場不斷演變, 規則也持續改變。 為了保持快速的上市時間,您必須從矽元件到供應鏈整合各個層面。

讓 Maxim Integrated 的整合式方案協助您在眾多領域中克服設計和建構挑戰,包括工業、醫療、消費性、汽車、能源、運算以及通訊。



Maxim Integrated 的醫療解決方案圖片

四個解決方案頁面,提供 Maxim 多種類比、通訊和應用專屬 IC 的概述和方塊圖。瞭解詳情


Maxim Integrated 的應用圖片

Maxim 精選的醫療、工業、通訊、消費性、馬達控制與感測應用產品。瞭解詳情

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Maxim 的控制自動化縮圖


Maxim Integrated 針對多種高效能類比、穩定通訊以及創新應用提供專屬的 IC,能滿足設計人員在許多工業控制與自動化應用中不斷變化的需求。瞭解詳情

Maxim Integrated 的醫療解決方案圖片


醫療解決方案供應商 Maxim Integrated 的宗旨就是提供能讓客戶系統提升價值的解決方案。 Maxim 是您開發新的醫療產品設計時的加值方案首選廠商。瞭解詳情

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Image of Maxim's MAX32625 and MAX32626 ARM Cortex-M4F Microcontrollers for Wearables

MAX32625 and MAX32626 ARM® Cortex®-M4F Microcontrollers for Wearables

Maxim's MAX32625IWY+ and MAX32626IWY+ are ARM® Cortex®-M4F 32-bit microcontroller with an unconnected point unit, ideal for wearable medical and fitness applications.

Image of Maxim's MAX40100ANT+ Amplifier

MAX40100ANT+ Amplifier

Maxim’s MAX40100ANT+ is a precision, low-power, zero-drift operational amplifier (OP amp) available in a space saving 6-WLP package (wafer level).

Image of Wurth Electronics MAX17681 Isolated Buck Evaluation Kits

MAX17681 Isolated Buck Evaluation Kits

Wurth Electronics' MID-IBMAX industrial Maxim iso-buck transformers for DC/DC isolated power supplies are designed for use in Maxim Integrated MAX17681 evaluation kits.

Image of Maxim MAX32630 Rapid Development Platform

MAX32630 Rapid Development Platform

Maxim’s MAX32630FTHR# Pegasus board is a rapid development platform designed to help engineers quickly implement battery-optimized solutions with the MAX32630 ARM® Cortex® -M4F microcontroller.

Image of Maxim's MAX3471 RS-485/RS-422, Half Duplex, Differential Transceivers

MAX3471 RS-485/RS-422 半雙工差動收發器

Maxim 的 MAX3471 是半雙工收發器,適用於鋰電池供電式 RS-485/RS-422 應用。 在接收器啟用和驅動器停用之下,以 3.6 V 電源僅消耗 1.6 µA(典型)電源電流。

Image of Maxim's MAX2769C Universal GNSS Receiver

MAX2769C 通用型 GNSS 接收器

Maxim 的 MAX2769C 是新一代的通用型全球導航衛星系統 (GNSS) 接收器,能以單一晶片涵蓋 GPS、Galileo、北斗以及 GLONASS 衛星系統的 L1/E1、B1、G1 頻段。


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Himalaya Power Module

Duration: 10 minutes

An overview of the Himalaya Power Modules from Maxim Integrated

IC Interface Serializer 28TSSOP

MAX3191x Family of Octal, Industrial Input Translators/Serializers

Duration: 5 minutes

Feature the lowest power and heat build up, reliable data transfer, and an on-chip serializer, differentiating it from similar competing components.


MAX16840 LED Driver

Duration: 10 minutes

Grasp the design challenges of MR16 bulb design and how the MAX16840 solves these challenges.


MAX14900E Digital Output Driver

Duration: 5 minutes

With Maxim’s MAX14900E, a 16-channel DO module design can be realized in a fairly small form factor with many benefits.

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Maxim MAX17201/5 and MAX17211/5 Fuel Gauge ICs | Digi-Key Daily

Maxim Integrated offers the MAX17201/5 and MAX17211/5, its ModelGauge™ m5 fuel gauge ICs with SHA-256 authentication.

Isolated Power-Supply Reference Designs Accelerate Prototyping

See how the MAXREFDES111-MAXREFDES116 24V isolated, industrial power-supply reference designs simplify design of isolated power supplies. These tested designs with pre-qualified Wurth transformers enable immediate board placement and prototyping.

Choose the Right Step-Up/Step-Down Voltage Regulator for Portable Applications

Portable devices are frequently powered by a single cell Lithium-Ion battery. The voltage swing from high to low after a full day's use presents a challenge for the loads powered by the battery.

High Voltage Buck Regulators and Power Modules

Using a tablet GUI, compare the performance of Himalaya DC-DC converters and drop-in power modules under various conditions. Learn how Himalaya power modules are a ready-to-go power supply solution.