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Maxim Integrated

- 市場不斷演變, 規則也持續改變。 為了保持快速的上市時間,您必須從矽元件到供應鏈整合各個層面。

讓 Maxim Integrated 的整合式方案協助您在眾多領域中克服設計和建構挑戰,包括工業、醫療、消費性、汽車、能源、運算以及通訊。



Maxim Integrated 的醫療解決方案圖片

四個解決方案頁面,提供 Maxim 多種類比、通訊和應用專屬 IC 的概述和方塊圖。瞭解詳情


Maxim Integrated 的應用圖片

Maxim 精選的醫療、工業、通訊、消費性、馬達控制與感測應用產品。瞭解詳情

mgineer 部落格

Maxim 的 mgineer 部落格


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Image of Maxim Integrated's Make with Maxim


Maxim 的控制自動化縮圖


Maxim Integrated 針對多種高效能類比、穩定通訊以及創新應用提供專屬的 IC,能滿足設計人員在許多工業控制與自動化應用中不斷變化的需求。瞭解詳情

Maxim Integrated 的醫療解決方案圖片


醫療解決方案供應商 Maxim Integrated 的宗旨就是提供能讓客戶系統提升價值的解決方案。 Maxim 是您開發新的醫療產品設計時的加值方案首選廠商。瞭解詳情

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Image of Maxim's MAX14914ATE+ High-Side Switch

MAX14914ATE+ High-Side Switch

Maxim's MAX14914ATE+ high-side switch operates as an industrial digital output as well as an industrial digital input.

Image of Maxim's MAX14775EASA+ RS-485/RS-422 Transceiver

MAX14775EASA+ RS-485/RS-422 Transceiver

Maxim’s MAX14775EASA+ fault-protected RS-485/RS-422 transceiver ensure communication in harsh, noisy industrial environments.

Image of Maxim's MAX12931BAWE+ Digital Isolators

MAX12931BAWE+ Digital Isolators

Maxim’s MAX12931BAWE+ 2-channel digital isolator reduces power consumption, improves transient immunity, and is ideal for isolating the TX and RX lines of the transceiver.

Image of Maxim’s MAX14001AAP+

MAX14001AAP+ Isolated ADC

Maxim’s MAX14001AAP+ ADC with programmable voltage comparators and inrush current control for configurable binary input applications.

Image of Maxim's MAX14827AATG+ IO-Link Transceiver

MAX14827AATG+ IO-Link Transceiver

Maxim's MAX14827AATG+ low-power, ultra-small, dual IO-link transceiver integrates the high-voltage functions of drivers and regulators.

Image of Maxim's MAX17055EWL+ Fuel Gauge

MAX17055EWL+ Fuel Gauge

Maxim’s MAX17055EWL+ fuel gauge provides precision measurements of current, voltage, and temperature.


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Himalaya Power Module

Duration: 10 minutes

An overview of the Himalaya Power Modules from Maxim Integrated

IC Interface Serializer 28TSSOP

MAX3191x Family of Octal, Industrial Input Translators/Serializers

Duration: 5 minutes

Feature the lowest power and heat build up, reliable data transfer, and an on-chip serializer, differentiating it from similar competing components.


MAX16840 LED Driver

Duration: 10 minutes

Grasp the design challenges of MR16 bulb design and how the MAX16840 solves these challenges.


MAX14900E Digital Output Driver

Duration: 5 minutes

With Maxim’s MAX14900E, a 16-channel DO module design can be realized in a fairly small form factor with many benefits.

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nanoPower Boost Converter Demo

Watch a demonstration of the extremely low quiescent current and true shutdown capabilities of our nanoPower boost converter using the MAX17222 evaluation kit.

Sometimes It’s Smart to Have a Low Iq

How do you stretch battery life? It doesn’t take a genius.

Using the MAXREFDES155 – Protecting the Internet of Things

Is your IoT system designed with the highest levels of security in place? Watch this video to learn how to protect your system from hackers by designing security in from the start with Maxim’s DeepCover® embedded security reference design.

Maxim MAXREFDES100# Health Sensor Platform | Digi-Key Daily

Maxim's MAXREFDES100# is a health sensor platform designed support a variety of innovative medical and high-end fitness applications.