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XP Power

- XP Power 承諾成為電源解決方案的領導供應商,產品包括 AC-DC 電源供應器和 DC-DC 轉換器。

I Series DC-DC Converters

XP Power DC-DC Converters I Series Thumbnail

I series DC/DC converters from XP Power are low power, isolated converters available in various outputs, output power ranges, and mounting options. Learn More

J 系列 DC-DC 轉換器

XP Power 的 DC-DC 轉換器 J 系列縮圖

XP Power 推出 J 系列 DC-DC 轉換器,功率範圍介於 2 W 至 60 W。此超小巧元件佔用的 PCB 空間比傳統設計更小,能讓設計人員縮減新開發產品的尺寸,或將板空間用於添加其他功能。瞭解詳情

VI 級能效外接電源供應器

XP Power VI 級

XP Power 提供豐富的低成本壁式和桌上型外接電源供應器產品組合,能符合全球多項新制訂的能源效率標準。

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Image of XP Power's Surface Mount DC-DC Converters

0.25 W 至 6 W 表面黏著 DC-DC 轉換器

XP Power 推出 14 款高效能 DC-DC 轉換器,輸出功率額定值為 0.25 W、1 W、2 W、3 W、6 W,並具有單和雙輸出。

Image of XP Power's P Series DC to HV DC Converters

P 系列 DC 轉 HV DC 轉換器

XP EMCO 的 P 系列微功率 DC 轉 HV DC 轉換器提供可編程的 0 V 至 1,200 V 輸出,採用小型輕量的 PC 安裝封裝。

Image of XP Power's ISM02 and IML02 Series Medical DC/DC Converters

ISM02 和 IML02 系列醫療 DC/DC 轉換器

XP Power 推出 IML02 和 ISM02 小型、2 W 額定值 DC-DC 轉換器,適合需在輸入和輸出之間具備安全隔離能力的醫療裝置應用。

Image of XP Power's IMM Series Medical DC/DC Converters

IMM 系列, 醫療 DC-DC 轉換器

XP Power 的 IMM01 1 W 和 IMM02 2 W DC/DC 轉換器專為醫療應用所設計。

Image of XP Power's ISB01, ISC03, and ISX06 Series DC/DC Converters

ISB01、ISC03、ISX06 系列 DC/DC 轉換器

XP Power 推出三款高效能表面黏著式 (SMT) DC/DC 轉換器,額定值為 1 W、3 W、6 W 的輸出功率,並具有單和雙輸出。

Image of XP Power's ACM Series of Wall Adapters for ITE and Medical

ACM 系列壁式配接器,適用於 ITE 和醫療

XP Power 推出 ACM 系列壁式配接器,具有 VI 級能效、歐洲 CoC Tier 2,以及醫療與 ITE 認證。


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ECP180 Series of Open Frame Power Supplies

Duration: 5 minutes

One of the leading range of products in terms of power density and efficiency featuring an ultra-low profile and small footprint.


IEC 60601 3rd Edition Medical Safeties

Duration: 5 minutes

Understanding the changes from 2nd edition to 3rd edition medical safeties and how they affect power supplies.

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XP Power ACM Series | Digi-Key Daily

XP Power’s ACM Series of wall-mount power supplies are medically approved, and they meet DoE Level VI and CoC Tier 2 standards.

XP Power Ultra-Compact EME05 Series | Digi-Key Daily

XP Power’s EME05 series of ultra-compact, single output, 5 W AC-DC power supply meets international medical safety standards.

XP Power Medical Grade DC-DC Converters | Digi-Key Daily

XP Power offers their ultra-compact DC-DC converters for medical grade equipment, able to be easily dropped into existing designs.

XP Power EMCO DC – High Voltage DC Converters | Digi-Key Daily

XP Power's new division of power supplies, EMCO XP DC – High Voltage DC converters. These small form factor, high voltage DC-DC converters have inputs as low as 0.7 VDC and outputs as high as 10K VDC.