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AVX Corporation

Image of AVX's 9155-800 Series Connector Spotlight

9155-800 系列連接器

AVX 的電池連接器多年來廣泛用於多種應用的電池組、可卸除式或插入式模組,以及傳統的板對板應用中。

Image of AVX's TCN Series Polymer Low Profile Capacitors Spotlight

TCN 系列聚合物薄型電容

AVX 的 TCN 系列、SMD、鉭聚合物電容具有導電聚合物電極,可減少點火失效模式。

Image of AVX's SCC and SCM Series Supercapacitors Spotlight

SCC 和 SCM 系列超級電容

AVX 系列電化學雙層電容具有出色的脈衝功率處理特性。



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近期的 PTM

5 minutes
Air Core Inductors
AVX's AL and AS series of air core inductors feature excellent SRF, very high Q, high current up to 4.4 amperes, miniature size, and low inductance.
10 minutes
TVS Diode Overview
AVX's SMA, SMB, and SMC series of TVS diodes feature low leakage and very fast response time. Applications include DC-powered systems and more.
5 minutes
High Power Resistive Products
AVX's high power resistive products have high power resistors, terminations, and attenuators that are optimized for maximum power handling and lower VSWR.
5 minutes
MLO Inductor
AVX's MLO technology including the HL02 series which features High-Q, tight tolerances, high self resonance, and high current carrying capabilities.
5 minutes
LED Lighting Capacitors
AVX's tantalum ceramic capacitors offer engineers options that can create the lowest noise circuits and reduce piezoelectric noise.
5 minutes
Intro to PBRC/V and PRQC Resonators
A comparison between quartz crystals and ceramic resonators including features, advantages, benefits, and parts numbering guide.

關於 AVX Corporation

AVX Corporation 在全球被動電子元件和互連產品領域中是公認的領導廠商。AVX Corporation 每年都迎接挑戰,協助設計工程師為客戶打造優質產品,運用 AVX 先進的研究、設計專業與材料技術,提升效能並降低整體成本。在全球四大洲、17 國擁有製造廠房,因此 AVX 能滿足客戶的全球營運需求。