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- Delta Electronics is a major provider of Industrial Automation product technology and a key contributor to the global advancement of smart manufacturing. Our Industrial Automation mission is “To elevate our living environment through advanced automation technology and value added innovation”. With key competencies in design, manufacturing, and services/ solutions – new technology is developed with higher levels of integration within a wide portfolio of automation products including: AC motor drives, servo systems, motion controllers, PLC controllers, HMI visualization, temperature controllers, ethernet switches, field devices, actuators & robotics, and power supply product categories.


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DOP-100 Series HMI

Delta’s DOP-100 series human machine interface is equipped with more than one COM port and an Ethernet port and features a multilingual input function. 瞭解詳情

AS 系列緊密模組化中型 PLC

Delta IA 的 AS 系列是專為各種自動化設備設計的高效能多用途控制器。 瞭解詳情


Delta 的工業乙太網路交換器可在嚴峻環境中提供可靠網路,並可讓使用者在極端溫度中建立穩定的連線。 瞭解詳情

ASDA-B2 系列 AC 伺服驅動器和馬達

Delta 的 ASDA-B2 系列伺服馬達和驅動器可滿足通用機器控制應用的需求。 瞭解詳情


Delta 的非網管型工業乙太網路交換器可在嚴峻環境中提供可靠的網路,並可在極端溫度下建立穩定的連接。 瞭解詳情

DOP-W 系列人機介面

Delta 的 DOP-W 系列人機介面 (HMI) 配有 10.4"、12" 和 15" 尺寸的高解析度、高亮度觸控螢幕。 瞭解詳情