Image of TE Connectivity AMP ELCON Micro Wire-to-Board Power Solutions
ELCON Micro Wire-to-Board Power Solutions

TE Connectivity AMP’s ELCON Micro wire-to-board power solutions provide a high current up to 12.5 A per pin.

Image of Molex's Ditto Discrete Wire Cable Assemblies
Ditto Discrete Wire Cable Assemblies

Molex's OTS Ditto Discrete cable assemblies are available in a variety of circuits and cable lengths to facilitate both prototyping and global preproduction.

Image of Cyntec’s Consumer Power Chokes
Consumer Power Chokes

Cyntec's consumer power chokes low profile and small footprint make the chokes ideal for wearable technology and portable electronic devices.

Image of NKK's IS-ENG-KIT-x SmartDisplay Engineering Kits
IS-ENG-KIT-x SmartDisplay Engineering Kits

NKK IS-ENG-KIT-x SmartDisplay evaluation kits are space-saving, dynamic, multi-function devices driven by Microchip Technology solutions.

DTB Series Temperature Controllers - Delta Industrial Automation
DTB Series Temperature Controllers

Delta’s DTB series is designed for practical applications with the three most frequently adopted signal outputs in the industry.

Image of Silicon Labs EFR32BG22 Bluetooth Low-Energy 5.2 SoC Family
EFR32BG22 Bluetooth Low-Energy 5.2 SoC Family

Silicon Labs delivers Bluetooth® low energy, mesh networking, and sub-one-meter direction-finding accuracy in an optimized single-chip solution.

Image of Bel Fuse's Slow Blow 2410 SMD Fuses - 0680L Series
Slow Blow 2410 SMD Fuses - 0680L Series

Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection 0680L series of ceramic surface mount fuses offer in-rush current withstand capability in a 2410 SMD package size.

Image of Master Appliance’s EC-200 Variable Temperature Heat Gun
EC-200 Variable Temperature Heat Gun

Master Appliance’s EC-200 heat guns are lightweight and ergonomically designed with variable temperature settings.

C2000 Series Variable Frequency Drives - Delta Industrial Automation
C2000 Series Variable Frequency Drives

Delta’s C2000 series AC motor drive provides efficient solutions for all types of applications, featuring precise speed, torque, and position control.

Image of Aavid's Max Clip™ System
Max Clip™ System

Aavid's Max Clips™ are quick, robust attachments that save on labor and hardware costs while increasing design flexibility.

Image of STMicroelectronics' EK-POW-L5964V1 Expansion Board
EK-POW-L5964V1 Expansion Board

STMicro’s AEK-POW-L5964V1 expansion board is designed for power car or truck body applications requiring different voltages, such as USB-PD or infotainment.

Image of Eaton's MPI Series High Power Density Miniature Inductors
High-Power Density Miniature Inductors - MPI-V2 Series

Eaton's MPI-V2 series high-power density, magnetically shielded, miniature inductors offer a low-profile design and a high-current carrying capacity.

Image of Molex's Type F RF Connectors
Type-F RF Connectors

Molex's threaded coupling Type-F 75 Ohm connectors are classified as subminiature connectors for use in a variety of RF applications.

FP Series FLAT-PAC Power Inductors - Eaton Electronics
FLAT-PAC Power Inductors Over 10 mm - FP Series

Eaton’s FLAT-PAC (FP) in sizes from 10.2 mm to 13.7 mm offer higher current carrying capability for use when board real estate is not a concern.

Image of Broadcom's HDSP-561x/563x LED Displays Family
HDSP-561x/563x LED Displays Family

Broadcom's HDSP-561x/563x family LED displays are specially mitered segments that give a fuller appearance to the illuminated character.