Image of Panasonic's SF-M Series Flat Type Safety Relays
SF-M Series Flat Type Safety Relays

Panasonic’s SF-M series flat type safety relays with a 14 mm x 33 mm x 7.8 mm footprint has 1 Form A, 1 Form B contact arrangement for individualized control.

ISOSD61 Isolated Sigma-Delta Modulator - STMicroelectronics
ISOSD61 隔離式 Sigma-Delta 調變器

STMicroelectronics 的 Sigma-Delta 調變器系列隸屬於廣泛的高階電流隔離產品組合,適合工業市場應用。

Image of Omron's G3VM-31WR(TR05)/G3VM-61WR(TR05)/G3VM-101WR(TR05) Relays
G3VM-31WR(TR05)/G3VM-61WR(TR05)/G3VM-101WR(TR05) Relays

Omron's G3VM-31WR(TR05), G3VM-61WR(TR05), and G3VM-101WR(TR05) relays in the P-SON package improve the solder stability and offer better solder visibility.

Image of Amphenol LTW's MPronto-12 M12 Push-Pull Connector
MPronto-12 M12 推挽式連接器

Amphenol LTW 的連接器向下相容任何 M12*1.0 螺紋插槽,不需要配成對且比現有推挽式 M12 尺寸更小。

Image of Kyocera's LCCI Series Inductors
LCCI Series Inductors

Kyocera's LCCI ultraminiature multilayer ceramic chip inductor is designed for high frequency RF applications.

Image of Molex's SL Mates to C-Grid Parts
SL 配接至 C-Grid 零件

Molex 的模組化連接器提供大量的選項和配置,可實現理想的線對線解決方案。

Image of Bourns' BPS240 Humidity Sensor
BPS240 Humidity Sensor

Bourns’ BPS240 humidity sensor is designed for industrial automation, energy, building and home controls, and low/medium-risk medical applications.

Image of NXP's S32G2 Processors for Vehicle Networking

恩智浦的S32G2處理器具有用於ASIL D系統的高級功能安全硬件和軟件。

Image of NXP Semiconductors' S08PB Series 5 V 8-bit MCUs
S08PB Series 5 V 8-Bit MCUs

The S08PB is NXP's full-featured 8-bit MCU Series with rich analog features, designed for general purpose consumer and industrial control applications.

Image of Microchip Technology's PIC24FJGP2/PIC24FJGU2 eXtreme Low Power MCU Family
PIC24FJGP2/PIC24FJGU2 eXtreme Low Power MCU Family

Microchip's PIC24FJGP2 and PIC24FJGU2 MCUs offer up to 64 KB of ECC Flash, 8 KB of RAM, several CIPs, and full-speed USB 2.0 host/device/OTG.

Image of ON Semiconductor's Motor Development Kits
Motor Development Kits

ON Semiconductor's motor development kits offer comprehensive system solutions for motor drivers.

Image of EPCOS/TDK’s MKP-X2 Series Capacitors
MKP-X2 系列電容

EPCOS/TDK 的 MKP-X2 系列電容可提供的最高允許工作溫度為 +125°C,並具有 0.033 µF 至 5.6 µF 的寬廣電容量範圍。

UHD Power Conversion
UHD Power Conversion

ON Semi offers a complete portfolio of power products covering a variety of power conversion applications, from MOSFETs, IGBTs, power modules and more. ON Semi is equipped to support engineers in assisting in their creative design innovations.

Image of ON Semiconductor STR-NCV48220-LDO-CP-GEVB Evaluation Board
STR-NCV48220-LDO-CP-GEVB Evaluation Board

ON Semiconductor’s evaluation board offers a wide input voltage range and low quiescent current.

Image of Essentra's Nylon Twist Ties
Nylon Twist Ties

Essentra's nylon twist ties are easy to use by simply placing the cables into the open space and twisting the two arms together to secure the fastening.