AEK-AUD-D903V1 Class D Automotive Audio Amplifier Board - STMicroelectronics
AEK-AUD-D903V1 Class D 車用音訊放大器板

STMicroelectronics 的 AEK-AUD-D903V1 評估板專為 FDA903D 1 x 45 W Class D 數位輸入車用功率放大器而設計。

Image of Efinix's Trion® T120/T85/T55 Field Programmable Gate Array Devices
Trion® T55/T85/T120 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Devices

Efinix's Trion® family is perfect for creating image processing functions while directly interfacing with the latest camera sensors available today.

TSC2010 Current Sense Amplifiers - STMicroelectronics
TSC2010 電流感測放大器

STMicroelectronics 的 TSC2010 是一款精密型雙向電流感測放大器,可以利用一個分流電阻在寬範圍的電壓下進行感測。

Tips & Techniques for GaN Designs Webinar
Tips & Techniques for GaN Designs Webinar

Join Digi-Key & EPC’s Alex Lidow as he presents on how to maximize the performance and reliability of your GaN designs and applications. Register at Digi-Key today!

STM32WLEx 32-Bit Wireless Long-Range MCUs - STMicroelectronics
STM32WLEx 32 位元無線長程 MCU

STMicroelectronics 的 STM32WLE5/E4xx 長程無線、超低功率元件已嵌入功能強大的超低功率 LPWAN 相容無線電解決方案。

MP23ABS1 High-Performance MEMS Audio Sensor - STMicroelectronics
MP23ABS1 高性能 MEMS 音訊感測器

STMicroelectronics 的 MP23ABS1 感測元件能夠偵測聲波,用特殊的矽質微機電製程製造。

Image of C&K's SFS Series Tactile Switches
SFS Series Tactile Switches

C&K's SFS series tactile switches' standard size allows users to quickly and easily use multiple sources and can be integrated into a wide range of designs.

Image of CUI Devices' Piano DIP Switches
Piano DIP Switches

CUI Devices' piano DIP switches feature through hole mounting styles, 2.54 mm pitches, and 2 to 12 position options.

AEK-POW-100W4V1 Digitally-Controlled DC/DC Converter - STMicroelectronics
AEK-POW-100W4V1 數位控制型 DC/DC 轉換器

STMicroelectronics 的 AEK-POW-100W4V1 是一款非常小巧的 DC/DC 轉換器,適用於汽車和運輸應用。

TSV792 Rail-to-Rail Operational Amplifier - STMicroelectronics
TSV792 軌對軌運算放大器

STMicroelectronics 的 TSV792 是一款雙通道、50 MHz 頻寬、單位增益、穩定的放大器,具有軌對軌的輸入級及 30 V/μs 的迴轉率。

STEVAL-STWINKT1B SensorTile Wireless Industrial Node Development Kit - STMicroelectronics
STEVAL-STWINKT1B SensorTile 無線型工業級節點開發套件

STMicroelectronics STEVAL-STWINKT1B SensorTile 無線型工業級節點開發套件的特點為一塊帶有一系列嵌入式感測器的核心系統板。

Image of CUI Devices' Slide DIP Switches
Slide DIP Switches

CUI Devices' slide DIP switches feature 1.27 mm or 2.54 mm pitches, 1 to 12 position options, and surface-mount or through-hole mounting styles.

Image of CUI Devices' Rotary DIP Switches
Rotary DIP Switches

CUI Devices' rotary DIP switches are housed in 7.4 mm x 7.4 mm or 10 mm x 10 mm packages with raised or flat actuator levels.

Image of GradConn's Patented Locking MHF® 4L LK Micro Connector Coaxial Cable Assemblies
Patented Locking MHF® 4L LK Micro Connector Coaxial Cable Assemblies

GradConn's MHF 4L LK has an integrated locking mechanism to ensure the connector is secured when mated onto the PCB connector.

Image of Raspberry Pi's PicoBoard
Raspberry Pi PicoBoard

Raspberry Pi PicoBoard 是 Raspberry Pi 針對 RP2040 微控制器晶片而內部自行開發的開發板,成本低但靈活度高。