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TE 能讓客戶應對汽車、寬頻連線、消費性、能源和工業等市場的業務挑戰。

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感測器解決方案 (依類型排列)

依類型瀏覽 TE Connectivity 的感測器。壓力、溫度、力、濕度、動作和位置感測器皆可在 DigiKey 訂購。

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TE 針對眾多市場提供連接解決方案,包括照明、數據、電路保護、強固型產品、工業控制等。



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TE Connectivity Dynamic Series Signal and Power Connectors
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近期的 PTM

10 minutes
2D Crimp FASTON Terminals
This presentation will review the Standard Line of FASTON receptacles and examine available crimp options.
5 minutes
3-in-2 Card Connector
This presentation will review the unique design features of the 3-in-2 card connector and the benefits it provides.
5 minutes
CoolSplice Connectors
Save installation time and eliminate the need to pre-strip wires, provide a water proof solution, and easy factory and field installation with CoolSplice.
10 minutes
Connectivity Circular Plastic Connectors (CPC)
Circular Plastic Connectors are an ideal solution for virtually any application where both power and signal are required.
5 minutes
Secrets to a Successful Crimp
Designed to exacting specifications and feature a ratchet control system to ensure a complete crimping cycle.
5 minutes
Commercial Line of Manual Hand Tool
TE’s Commercial Hand Tools combine the versatility of general-purpose service tools with the reliability and ease-of-use of many premium-grade tools.

關於 TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity 全球工業技術和領導廠商,為您建構更安全、永續、高生產力且連線的未來。其豐富的連接與感測器解決方案,已經在最嚴峻的環境中獲得實證,並可在運輸、工業應用、醫療技術、能源、數據通訊以及居家環境中促成進展。TE 擁有約 80,000 名員工,其中包括 7,500 多名工程師,與大約 140 個國家/地區的客戶攜手合作,確保每個連接都確實發揮效果。