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VeriSafe™ Absence of Voltage Tester (AVT / AVT2) and Access Control Kits | Datasheet Preview
Cable Accessories Overview
Panduit WrapID Automated Labeling System
Panduit Data Access Ports | Digi-Key Daily

近期的 PTM

5 minutes
Data Access Ports
The objective of the training is to discuss where data access ports can be used, where they are located and the features and benefits of the Panduit Data Access Ports
10 minutes
IntraVUE® Network Documentation and Monitoring
This presentation will provide an overview of the available tools and products associated with the IntraVUE® solution from Panduit.
5 minutes
Industrial Label Printing Technologies
This presentation provides information about printing solutions for industrial users.
10 minutes
SmartZone™ G5 Power Distribution Units (PDU)
This presentation will introduce Panduit's SmartZone™ G5 Power Distribution Units.
5 Minutes
Choosing Ethernet Network Building Blocks a Quick Guide
This presentation will provide an overview of Ethernet networks.
10 minutes
TIA Standards and M.I.C.E. Quick Guide
This presentation will provide a guideline of the TIA standards and the M.I.C.E. guidelines that are offered by Panduit.

關於 Panduit Corporation


Panduit 從創新中誕生。1955 年我們推出首款產品:Panduct 接線管。此全新發明能夠以獨特的方式組織控制面板佈線,並且快速且整齊的添加新電線。自此 Panduit 便推出數千種能解決問題的新產品,並持續致力於提供創新電氣和網路基礎架構解決方案。

如今,客戶信任 Panduit 為其顧問,能協助他們因應在資料中心、企業,以及工業環境中最嚴峻的業務挑戰。本公司具備經過實證的品質與技術領導地位,搭配完備的全球合作夥伴系統,因此能提供全面的解決方案,以便統一實體基礎架構,協助客戶達到營運和財務的目標。