SMP Product Line of Photo-MOSFET Solid State Relays

Standex-Meder Electronics

This presentation will provide an overview of the SMP Product Line of Photo-MOSFET Solid State Relays from Standex Electronics.
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SSR RELAY SPST-NO 250MA 0-40VSMP-1A21-4PTSSR RELAY SPST-NO 250MA 0-40V表面黏著式288 - 即時供貨查看詳情
SSR RELAY DPST-NO 250MA 0-40VSMP-2A21-8PTSSR RELAY DPST-NO 250MA 0-40V表面黏著式145 - 即時供貨查看詳情
SSR RELAY SPST-NO 170MA 0-250VSMP-1A23-4PTSSR RELAY SPST-NO 170MA 0-250V表面黏著式300 - 即時供貨查看詳情
SSR RELAY SPST-NO 100MA 0-400VSMP-1A30-4PTSSR RELAY SPST-NO 100MA 0-400V表面黏著式242 - 即時供貨查看詳情
SSR RELAY DPST-NO 85MA 0-400VSMP-2A30-8PTSSR RELAY DPST-NO 85MA 0-400V表面黏著式93 - 即時供貨查看詳情
SSR RELAY DPST-NO 100MA 0-400VSMP-2A30-8STSSR RELAY DPST-NO 100MA 0-400V表面黏著式17 - 即時供貨查看詳情
SSR RELAY DPST-NO 100MA 0-400VSMP-2A30-8DTSSR RELAY DPST-NO 100MA 0-400V通孔式130 - 即時供貨查看詳情
SSR RELAY SPST-NO 120MA 0-350VSMP-1A31-4PTSSR RELAY SPST-NO 120MA 0-350V表面黏著式298 - 即時供貨查看詳情
SSR RELAY DPST-NO 100MA 0-350VSMP-2A31-8PTSSR RELAY DPST-NO 100MA 0-350V表面黏著式133 - 即時供貨查看詳情
SSR RELAY SPST-NO 2.5A 0-60VSMP-1A36-6DTSSR RELAY SPST-NO 2.5A 0-60V通孔式149 - 即時供貨查看詳情
SSR RELAY SPST-NO 2.5A 0-60VSMP-1A36-6STSSR RELAY SPST-NO 2.5A 0-60V表面黏著式146 - 即時供貨查看詳情
SSR RELAY SPST-NO 500MA 0-60VSMP-1A37-4PTSSR RELAY SPST-NO 500MA 0-60V表面黏著式288 - 即時供貨查看詳情
SSR RELAY DPST-NO 450MA 0-60VSMP-2A37-8PTSSR RELAY DPST-NO 450MA 0-60V表面黏著式0查看詳情
SSR RELAY DPST-NO 500MA 0-60VSMP-2A37-8DTSSR RELAY DPST-NO 500MA 0-60V通孔式104 - 即時供貨查看詳情
SSR RELAY SPST-NO 70MA 0-600VSMP-1A38-4PT-QSSR RELAY SPST-NO 70MA 0-600V表面黏著式288 - 即時供貨查看詳情
SSR RELAY DPST-NO 60MA 0-600VSMP-2A38-8PT-QSSR RELAY DPST-NO 60MA 0-600V表面黏著式197 - 即時供貨查看詳情
SSR RELAY DPST-NO 70MA 0-600VSMP-2A38-8DTSSR RELAY DPST-NO 70MA 0-600V通孔式133 - 即時供貨查看詳情
SSR RELAY SPST-NO 50MA 0-1500VSMP-1A40-6DTSSR RELAY SPST-NO 50MA 0-1500V通孔式90 - 即時供貨查看詳情
SSR RELAY SPST-NO 1.25A 0-80VSMP-1A47-4PTSSR RELAY SPST-NO 1.25A 0-80V表面黏著式460 - 即時供貨查看詳情
PTM Published on: 2018-12-11