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American Electrical, Inc.

Image of American Electrical's Thermocouple Terminal Blocks


American Electrical 的 DIN 軌道安裝式熱電偶端子台提供 K 型和 J 型。

Image of American Electrical's Crimp Wire Ferrules


American Electrical 的壓接金屬套圈提供三種顏色代碼。用於端接多股絞線,並與歐式端子台搭配使用。

Image of American Electrical's Junction/Hook-Up Boxes


American Electric 的接點/接線盒和配件是在小型電氣或電子應用中牢固連接電線的簡便解決方案。


CS60 Electric Wire Stripper
Pneumatic Ferrule Crimpers
Din Rail Mounted Fuse Holders
Din Rail Options

近期的 PTM

5 minutes
Thermocouple Terminal Blocks
The two different types of thermocouple terminal blocks - J and K - and advantages for using thermocouple blocks.
5 minutes
Cable Grip Overview
Cable grips are easily utilized and provide IP68 protection from debris and water - the highest IP rating available
5 minutes
DIN Rail Mounted Circuit Breakers
Offering 4 types of DIN rail mounted circuit breakers with 3 of them, the 2 AC versions and the DC version being one of the thinnest in the industry at 13 mm.
5 minutes
Junction Box/Hook-Up Enclosure
The kit is provided pre-assembled with no need to procure and assemble all the parts making it a fast and easy way to make electrical connections.
5 minutes
Wire Ferrules Overview
Wire ferrules provide more secure connections, increased conductivity in circuit connections, decreased resistivity, and improved connection integrity.

關於 American Electrical, Inc.

American Electrical, Inc. (AEI) 銷售控制外殼內和周圍的工業電子元件。American Electrical 專精於控制電路的連接、功率與保護。American Electrical, Inc. 的大多數產品系列來自於 DIN 軌道應用。

許多產品可輕鬆扣入 DIN 軌道:端子台、保險絲座、斷路器、介面模組、斷開開關和電線套圈 (含壓接用相關工具) 以及纜線扣,為輸入控制外殼的纜線提供防拉。DIN 軌道系統能讓最終用戶快速安裝軌道,並且輕鬆扣入控制元件,進而節省空間、時間與金錢,所有這些寶貴資產。DIN Rail 的運用已經成為控制產品產業的標準。American Electrical, Inc. 很榮幸能透過提供 Digi-Key 供應其產品。