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Conductive Containers, Inc.

- Conductive Containers, Inc. 是導電瓦楞包裝 Corstat 的發明者所創立。CCI 解決了數千種靜電問題,並在建立靜電控制解決方案方面累積了大量的專業知識。近 40 年來,CCI 一直致力於保護靜電敏感電子元件,並且是靜電放電協會唯一一家僅涉及靜電保護包裝的創始成員。

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KleanStat Injection Molded Case

Cases that are ESD safe and permanently dissipative.


Welcome to CCI

A high-level introduction to Conductive Containers, Inc. An overview of available materials, processes, and general information.


Tacki Pak Off Road Test

Conductive Containers, Inc puts their innovative new product "Tacki Pak" to the test.