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CUI Inc.

Image of CUI's Internal AC-DC

內部 AC-DC

CUI 推出的小巧、高能效內部 AC-DC 電源供應器提供板式安裝、底盤安裝和 DIN 軌道款式,功率範圍為 1 至 550 W。

Image of CUI's External AC-DC

外部 AC-DC

CUI 的壁掛式和桌上型配接器具有多種選擇,可提供全套安全認證、高能效和 3 至 250 W 的功率。

Image of CUI's DC-DC


CUI 的 DC-DC 轉換器包含超過 1000 個型號,提供經濟的低功率解決方案,以及強大的高功率 DC-DC 模組,其功率選項為 1 至 600 W。



VOF-C/VOF-C-CNF | Datasheet Preview
符合 IEC 62368-1 的电源 | Datasheet Preview
IEC 62368-1準拠電源 | Datasheet Preview
IEC-62368-1-konforme Netzteile | Datasheet Preview

近期的 PTM

5 minutes
Preparing for IEC 62368-1 Implementation
This presentation will provide background and basics of safety standard IEC 62368.
5 minutes
Smaller and Lighter Power Supplies Using Gallium Nitride
This presentation will discuss information regarding what GaN technology is and the features it provides when used in power supplies.
5 minutes
High Efficiency Switching DC Regulators
Available configurations, advantages versus linear regulators, key specifications, and possible applications for CUI's high efficiency switching DC regulators.
5 minutes
Low Power DC-DC Converters
Provides an economical and reliable means of converting and/or isolating DC rails within a distributed power system for a variety of applications.
5 minutes
Encapsulated AC/DC Power Supply Series
This presentation will provide an overview of CUI’s encapsulated AC/DC power supply family, including a summary of available models, features, and target applications.
10 minutes
Power Supply Safety Standards, Agencies and Marks
Reviewing the power supply international safety standards, the major agencies, and regional safety marks.

關於 CUI Inc.

自 1989 年以來,CUI 一直致力於改善現在和未來人們購買電源產品的方式,同時也改善設計工程師的體驗。除提供無與倫比的客戶服務和各種電源外,CUI 亦提供多樣化的 AC-DC 電源供應器、DC-DC 轉換器和電源濾波器。