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Image of KEMET Solutions for Energy Infrastructure


On Semiconductor 和 KEMET 提供完整的能效解決方案組合,並在能源基礎架構演進上著重再生和潔淨能源。

Image of KEMET's Snap-In Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors


KEMET 的汽車鋁電解電容器耐振,且具有長使用壽命。

Image of KEMET's C4AQ-M Series

C4AQ-M 系列電容

KEMET 的 C4AQ-M 電容通過汽車認證,用於直流濾波和能量存儲的功率轉換器電路。



KEMET KONNEKT Ceramic Capacitors
KEMET Webinar – ESD (Electrostatic discharge)
Getting into the Details of MLCCs with KEMET
Motion Sensors | Datasheet Preview

近期的 PTM

5 minutes
FG Series DCCT Integrated Current Sensors
KEMET's FG series DCCT integrated current sensors offer an easy way to comply with IEC standards.
10 minutes
Ceramic Capacitor Basics Part 1
This presentation will provide a basic overview of ceramic capacitor MLCCs from KEMET.
5 minutes
Electrification of Vehicles
This presentation will provide an overview of Automotive Electronics and the market they are used in. It will explore the Technology of Powertrain Electronics, Wireless Power Transfer, and the solutions KEMET has available to fulfill those needs.
5 minutes
Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor
KEMET's pyroelectric infrared sensors are able to detect the natural infrared signature produced by humans without using lenses.
10 minutes
Power Supply Design
KEMET offers an extended portfolio of common mode, differential mode, and dual mode chokes, as well as input and output capacitors for power supplies.
5 minutes
Ceramic Safety Certified Capacitors
This tutorial will provide a basic overview of safety certified capacitors offered by KEMET, as well as testing requirements and general application information.


KEMET Corporation 是電子元件的全球領導供應商。我們為客戶提供業界中種類最多、涵蓋所有介電質的電容技術,並且提供不斷增加的機電裝置、電磁相容解決方案以及超級電容。我們的願景是成為首選的電子元件供應商,滿足客戶針對品質、出貨以及服務的最高標準要求。


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