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Littelfuse 產品在日常生活中無所不在

您日常使用的許多產品內都有 Littelfuse 產品。這些產品是智慧型手機、廚房電器、汽車電子、HVAC、水/廢水、能源、運輸等領域中,不可或缺的一部分。

Image of Littelfuse's Power Semiconductors

功率半導體 - 碳化矽 (SiC)

電力電子設備中的碳化矽 (SiC) 元件具有快速切換時間、高阻斷電壓能力,並可在高溫下工作。

Image of Littelfuse's Magnetic Temperature Sensors

磁性和溫度感測器 - 簧片、NTC、RTD

Littelfuse 豐富的磁性感測器品項涵蓋簧片開關、簧片感測器、霍爾效應感測器、簧片繼電器,以及裸線和封裝的磁性致動器。



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近期的 PTM

10 minutes
Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Charging Solutions
Littelfuse offers a broad array of solutions for AC and DC types of electric vehicle charging stations.
5 minutes
Sensing and Reliability Solutions for IoT Control Units
This presentation will illustrate how a smart thermostat can be used in an IoT Control Unit.
5 minutes
Thermally Protected MOVs - TMOVs
An introduction to basic operation, electrical characteristics, product portfolio, features and benefits, and applications for TMOVs.
5 minutes
Resistance Temperature Detectors
Introduction of the Littelfuse thin film platinum resistance temperature detectors
20 minutes
Top 5 Design Considerations
This presentation will provide the top five criteria to consider when performing a protection need analysis for Network or Telecommunication interface.
5 minutes
Reed Switch Basics
Basic operation, terminology, characteristics, and applications will be discussed, as well Q&A on selecting the proper reed switch

關於 Littelfuse

Littelfuse 的產品在使用電氣能量的應用中皆屬關鍵元件,適用於消費性電子、汽車到工業設施等領域。本公司提供業界最豐富、最深入的電路保護產品組合,並在功率控制和感測領域不斷發展。隨著企業策略下的組織加速成長及策略性併購,本公司也逐漸拓展到鄰近市場領域。這些市場包括功率半導體、高負載開關、磁性、光學、機電和溫度感測器;以及提供安全控制和配電的產品。