NXP Semiconductors

- NXP Semiconductors 能促成智慧型世界所需的安全連線與基礎建設,提供先進的解決方案,讓生活更加輕鬆、美好且安全。NXP 身為嵌入式應用安全連線方案的世界領導廠商,不斷在安全連線車輛、端對端安全性和隱私,以及智慧連線方案領域驅策創新。我們以 60 多年的經驗與專業為基礎,在超過 35 個國家擁有 45,000 位員工。

Freescale Semiconductor 已經由 NXP Semiconductor 收購。Freescale Semiconductor 的零件即日起納入 NXP 家族 (2015 年 12 月)。

NXP 標準產品事業部的產品組合 (離散元件、邏輯、MOSFET) 轉移到 Nexperia (2017 年 2 月 7 日)。
NXP 的雙極事業部的產品組合 (二極體、閘流管及電晶體) 已轉移至 WeEn Semiconductors (2017 年 1 月 19 日)。
NXP RF 功率事業部的產品組合 (RF 放大器、 RF MOSFET) 已轉移到 Ampleon (2015 年 10 月 5 日)。

Kinetis 32 位元 MCU

Freescale 的 Kinetis MCU

Kinetis MCU 產品組合包含多種硬體和軟體相容的 ARM® Cortex®-M0+、Cortex-M4 和 Cortex-M7 架構 MCU,提供極佳的低功率效能、擴充性與功能整合度。瞭解詳情


NXP 的類比開關圖片

NXP 的類比開關產品組合含有高效能的類比開關、比較器、負載開關和電壓轉換器,皆採用節省空間的小型封裝。 瞭解詳情

Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit

Image of NXP's Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit

NXP’s Rapid IoT prototyping kit is a comprehensive, secure, and power-optimized IoT end-node solution with a user-friendly development environment that enables users to quickly take their idea to a proof-of-concept. Learn More

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Image of NXP's LPC5500 Series MCUs Banner


NXP Semiconductor 的 GPIO 擴充器的圖片

GPIO 擴充器

NXP Semiconductors 推出 GPIO 擴充器,具有節省空間的封裝以及多種業界標準和特殊功能的元件組合。瞭解詳情

NXP Semiconductors 的 NTAG® SmartSensor IC 圖片

NTAG® SmartSensor IC

NXP 的 NTAG SmartSensor 元件屬於單晶片解決方案,結合了 NFC 智慧型手機連線能力以及自主感測、資料處理與記錄功能。瞭解詳情

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i.MX 7ULP 應用處理器

NXP 的 i.MX 7ULP 系列處理器具有超低功率處理能力,適用於需要長電池續航力的使用案例。 瞭解詳情

KE1xZ64/32 5 V Robust MCUs with Touch and CAN

NXP's Arm® Cortex®-M0+ based KE1xZ64/32 MCUs extend the Kinetis E family with smaller memory footprint options for broad scalability. 瞭解詳情

FRWY-LS1046A 評估板和套件

NXP 的 Freeway LS1046A 是一款基於 QorIQ® LS1046A 四核心 64 位元處理器的高效能、低成本邊緣運算平台。 瞭解詳情

iMX RT Series

NXP’s new i.MX RT series is the industry’s first crossover processor providing high performance & real-time functionality to your current design process. 瞭解詳情


The high-efficiency LPC5500 family leverages the new Armv8-M architecture to introduce new levels of performance and advanced security capabilities 瞭解詳情

Layerscape® LS1028A 公版設計板 (RDB)

NXP 的 Layerscape® LS1028A RDB 是一款理想的評估和開發平台,適用於各種應用,例如工業閘道器和控制設計。 瞭解詳情


NXP 的 MCUXpresso 軟體和工具圖片

MCUXpresso 軟體和工具

此處集結所有 MCUXpresso 軟體和工具,並提供來自 NXP 社群成員的專業建議。瞭解詳情

NXP 的社群圖片

NXP 社群


Image of NXP's i.MX RT Crossover Processors Banner

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i.MX 8QXP Multisensory Evaluation Kit 發佈日期:2019-04-08

This presentation will introduce the i.MX 8QXP MEK hardware and to showcase its safety display functionality.

Duration: 10 minutes
Fixed Wireless Access with Layerscape 發佈日期:2018-10-22

This presentation will introduce the Fixed Wireless Access concept and why it has taken importance in the communications market in the last year.

Duration: 10 minutes
QorIQ T-Series System on Chip 發佈日期:2018-09-20

This presentation will provide an overview of the features and benefits and some insight on the target markets and applications for NXP’s QorIQ T-Series.

Duration: 5 minutes
Thread Large Network 發佈日期:2018-09-20

The purpose of this presentation is to present the basic concepts of Thread.

Duration: 10 minutes

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Introducing FRWY-LS1046A platform: your on-ramp to accelerate your edge computing projects

The QorIQ FRWY-LS1046A provides a flexible, small form factor and low-cost platform to evaluate a variety of different applications including AI/ML with facial recognition, industrial safety as well as data analytics and other computing applications.

i.MX RT Saves the Day

Learn how the i.MX RT crossover processors based on the Arm® Cortex®-M7 core help designers solve common engineering challenges.

Time Sensitive Networking with the Layerscape LS1028A

TSN provides a Single, Reliable, Ethernet-based network with determinism and higher bandwidth, allowing your industrial manufacturing network to scale on demand.

NXP Smart Charging Solutions | Digi-Key Daily

NXP's smart charging solution consists of a primary side flyback QR (quasi-resonant) controller, a secondary side SR (synchronous rectifier) controller, and a protocol controller.