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Texas Instruments

- Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) 是全球化的半導體設計與製造公司,專門開發類比 IC 和嵌入式處理器。 TI 延攬全球最頂尖的人才,打造形塑未來科技的創新技術。 TI 目前已協助超過 100,000 名客戶轉變其未來發展。

TI 技術中心

TI 技術中心

Digi-Key 的 Texas Instruments 技術中心,是您獲得眾多 TI 元件解決方案的管道。瞭解詳情


Texas Instruments 應用中心

快速取得 Texas Instruments 和 Digi-Key Electronics 的工業、汽車、通訊和消費性電子解決方案。 瞭解詳情


Texas Instruments 工具與支援

Texas Instruments 的工具和支援,包括文章和影片,皆由 Digi-Key Electronics 收錄在單一位置。瞭解詳情

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Texas Instruments 的 TPS25740/TPS25740A USB Type-C/PD 電源控制器圖片

TPS25740/TPS25740A USB Type-C™/PD 電源控制器

TI 的 TPS25740/TPS25740A USB Type-C USB PD 電源控制器適合的應用包括 USB-PD 配接器和專用充電連接埠。瞭解詳情

Texas Instruments 的 MUX50x 類比多工器影像

MUX50x 類比多工器

Texas Instruments 的 MUX50x 元件是 36 V 的現代化互補式金屬氧化物半導體 (CMOS) 類比多工器 (mux)。瞭解詳情

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Image of Texas Instruments' HDC2080 Low Power Humidity and Temperature Digital Sensor

HDC2080 Low Power Humidity and Temperature Digital Sensor

Texas Instruments' HDC2080 provides high accuracy measurement capability for a wide range of environmental monitoring and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Image of Texas Instruments' LMZM23601 36 V, 1 A Step-Down DC-DC Power Module

LMZM23601 36 V, 1 A Step-Down DC-DC Power Module

Texas Instruments' LMZM23601 is optimized for performance-driven and low EMI industrial applications with space-constrained needs.

Image of Texas Instruments' ISO224EVM Evaluation Module

ISO224EVM Evaluation Module

Texas Instruments' ISO224EVM is an evaluation and development kit for the ISO224 precision isolation amplifier for use in industrial applications.

Image of Texas Instruments' MUX36S08 Analog Multiplexer

MUX36S08 Analog Multiplexer

Texas Instruments' MUX36S08 is an 8-channel, single-ended, analog multiplexer that works well with dual, single, and symmetric supplies.


TUSB1044 USB Type-C™ Bidirectional Linear Redriver

TI's TUSB1044 is a USB Type-C™ alt mode redriver switch that supports data rates up to 8.1 Gbps and implements 5th generation USB redriver technology.

Image of Texas Instruments' INA4180  Quad-Channel Current Sense Amplifier

INA4180 Quad-Channel Current Sense Amplifier

Texas Instruments' INA4180 quad-channel amplifies voltage developed across current-sensing resistor as current flows through the resistor to the load or ground.



Texas Instruments 培訓中心

TI 培訓中心

從基礎知識到深入課題,TI 的隨選培訓計畫提供有助於設計的訓練課程。瞭解詳情

Texas Instruments 的公版設計圖片

TI Designs

使用 TI Designs 快速開始系統設計並加速產品上市。這些全方位的設計資源,包括線路圖或方塊圖、BOM、設計檔以及測試報告,皆由具備系統與產品深度知識的專家建立。瞭解詳情

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Introduction to Isolation

Duration: 15 minutes

The tutorial will provide an overview of isolation and compare discrete isolation circuits to integrated isolation devices.

CC3100/CC3200 SimpleLink Wi-Fi

CC3100-CC3200 SimpleLink Wi-Fi

Duration: 10 minutes

The software for the CC3100 has an easy to use API, makes network security easier, and includes demos for internet of things applications.

MSP430FR599x Series of Mixed Signal Microcontrollers

MSP430FR599x Series of Mixed Signal Microcontrollers

Duration: 5 minutes

Instruments MSP430FR599x family of mixed signal microcontrollers provide a high degree signal processing performance in an energy efficient MCU product.

Level Translation

Introduction to Level Translation

Duration: 5 minutes

This tutorial will review the basic concepts and different types of level shifters and discuss where they are used in system applications.

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Texas Instruments TLV906x Series Op Amps | Digi-Key Daily

Texas Instruments' TLV9061, TLV9062, and TLV9064 are single-, dual-, and quad-, respectively low-voltage (1.8 V to 5.5 V) operational amplifiers with rail-to-rail input- and output-swing capabilities.


Introducing the SimpleLink™ MCU Platform

TI’s SimpleLink platform transforms development of connected applications with 100 percent code reuse across the industry's broadest portfolio of wired and wireless MCUs.


SimpleLink™ Sensor to Cloud Building and Factory Automation Demo with Adrian Fernandez

Live Demo featuring TI's SimpleLink MCUs streaming sensor data to the cloud through an Intelligent factory automation and a smart home control system.


SimpleLink™ MCU Platform SDK code portability

The SimpleLink SDK includes TI Drives, integrated TI-RTOS, POSIX-compatible APIs, encryption-enabled security features and IoT stacks and plugins.