- TRACO Power 是公認的電源專業廠商,歷史超過 35 年,專門設計和製造高品質的 DC/DC 和 AC/DC 電源轉換產品。TRACO Power North America 是 TRACO Electronic AG 的全資子公司,總部位於瑞士巴爾,並在此直接支援北美的經銷網絡以及最終客戶,滿足及技術和商業需求。企業宗旨是提供客戶和經銷商最佳的電源供應器解決方案,滿足個別應用所需的效能、品質和成本。

DC/DC Converters 1 - 300 Watts

TRACO Power DC-DC Converters

TRACO Power’s vast DC/DC Converter portfolio spans from 1~300 Watt coverage & mechanical packaging options include SMD, through-hole, chassis mount & more. Learn More

AC/DC Power Supplies 2 - 1000 Watts

Traco Power ACDC converters

AC/DC converter offerings from TRACO Power provide a complete portfolio of standard power supplies that include open frame, enclosed, encapsulated, medical & more. Learn More

DIN-Rail Power Supplies 6 - 960 Watts

Din-Rail Power Supplies

Digi-Key offers a variety of TRACO Power's DIN-Rail power supplies including Industrial, Hazardous Location, Harsh Environment & much more. Learn More

Featured Products

Image of TRACO's TPP 450A Series AC/DC Medical Power Supplies

TPP 450/TPP 450A Series AC/DC Medical & Industrial Power Supplies

TRACO's TPP 450 and TPP 450A series of 450 W AC/DC power supplies utilize a high-efficiency design and provide superior performance in a 3" x 5" footprint. Learn More

Image of THM Series Medical DC/DC Converters

THM Series Medical DC/DC Converters

TRACO's THM series is a 3 W to 30 W range of medical DC/DC converters in high-density packages with either wide 2:1 or ultra-wide 4:1 input ranges. Learn More

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TMDC 06/10 系列密封式 DC/DC 轉換器

TRACO Power 的 TMDC 06 和 TMDC 10 系列工業級底盤安裝式 DC/DC 轉換器隨附整合式 EMI 濾波器。 瞭解詳情

TBA 1E、TBA 1HI 和 TBA 2 系列 DC/DC 轉換器

TRACO Power 的 TBA 系列 DC/DC 轉換器為各種低功率應用提供基本的電路隔離。 瞭解詳情

TBA 1 系列 1 W DC/DC 轉換器

Traco Power 的 TBA 1 DC/DC 轉換器可為各種重視低成本、增強效能和空間的應用提供電路隔離。 瞭解詳情

THL 15WI 系列密封式 PCB 安裝型 DC/DC 轉換器

Traco Power 的 THL 15WI 系列為高效能的轉換器,在密封式的 1.00" x 1.00" x 0.40" 金屬外殼中整合 EN 55032 class A 濾波器。 瞭解詳情

TIB-EX DIN-軌道電源供應器

TRACO 的 DIN-軌道電源供應器符合 UL HazLoc Class 1 Division 2 和 ATEX 的安全認證,適用於嚴峻環境和危險場所。 瞭解詳情

THN 15/20/30 WI-A1

TRACO Power 的 15 W、20 W 及 30 W 的 5 VOUT、具有「-A1」尾碼的 DC/DC 轉換器,其延伸的微調範圍高達 6 VDC。 瞭解詳情

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TIB-EX Series for Hazardous Locations and Harsh Environments 發佈日期:2019-06-21

This presentation will review key features, power ratings and provide additional detail on the series including safety and EMC compliance

Duration: 5 minutes
TPP 100A-J and TPP 150A-J Series 發佈日期:2019-03-04

Traco's TPP 100A-J and TPP 150A-J series of power supplies are designed for medical and industrial applications.

Duration: 5 minutes
TPP 15A-D and 30A-D Series Overview 發佈日期:2019-02-04

This presentation will introduce the TPP 15A-D and TPP 30A-D of 15 and 30W AC/DC power supplies designed for both Medical and Industrial (ITE) applications.

Duration: 10 minutes
TEP 150WI Series of 150W DC/DC Converters 發佈日期:2018-12-18

This presentation will introduce the TEP 150WI Series DC/DC Converters for industrial and railway applications.

Duration: 5 minutes

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TRACO POWER TPP 100A-J and 150A-J Series | Digi-Key Daily

TPP 100A-J and TPP 150A-J series of high-efficiency power supplies from TRACO POWER utilize industrial grade components for reliable full-load operation over extended temperatures (with or without cooling fans).

Traco Power TPP 450 Series Power Supplies | Digi-Key Daily

TPP 450 and TPP 450A series from Traco Power 450 W AC/DC power supplies utilize a high-efficiency design using robust, industrial grade components providing superior performance in the standard 3" x 5" footprint.

TRACO Power Solutions Ltd - Power Supplies for Industry

TRACO Power Solutions Ltd is a leading power supply specialist with more than 25 years of experience. We are dedicated to the design and manufacture of high quality DC/DC and AC/DC power conversion products.