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Image of Vishay's 600 V E Series MOSFETs

600 V E 系列 MOSFET

Vishay 的 600 V E 系列 MOSFET 採用 PowerPAK® 8 mm x 8 mm 封裝,具有開爾文連接,可降低閘極驅動電感值。

Image of Vishay's T55 Polymer Capacitors

T55 系列聚合物鉭質電容

Vishay 的 T55 聚合物鉭質晶片電容系列提供多款 D 和 V 外殼尺寸的元件,並且符合 RoHS 指令且不含鹵素。

Image of Vishay's WSLP Power Metal Strip Resistors

WSLP Power Metal Strip 電阻

Vishay Dale 推出 WSLP Power Metal Strip 電阻,具有極高功率 (高達 3 W)、低電阻值 (低至 0.0005 Ω)、表面黏著的特點。



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近期的 PTM

5 minutes
Power Metal Strip Pulse Storyboard
This presentation will explain the pulse performance advantage of Power Metal Strip as compared to other current sense technologies.
5 minutes
Power Metal Plate™ WFM Series Resistors
This presentation will introduce Vishay Dale's Power Metal Plate™ WFM series resistors.
5 minutes
WSHM/WSHP Power Metal Strip® Resistors
Vishay Dale's Power Metal Strip® WSHP2818 and WSHM2818 resistors are all-metal welded construction that offers AEC-Q200 qualified automotive grade performance.
5 minutes
VORx Hybrid Solid State Relays (SSRs)
Vishay's VOR112x hybrid solid state relay allows fast switching times with a wide operating ambient temperature range.
5 minutes
UMA and UMB MELF Resistors
The key functional performance parameters of these MELF resistor series will be discussed as well as design, features, and benefits.
5 minutes
Light to Digital Proximity Sensors
Introduction to the features and applications for the VCNL36687S proximity sensor.

關於 Vishay

Vishay 的產品組合集結了豐富的離散半導體 (二極體、MOSFET、光電產品) 以及被動元件 (電阻、電感、電容)。這些元件適用於各領域幾乎所有類型的電子裝置和設備,包含工業、運算、汽車、消費性、電信、軍事、航太、醫療。Vishay 非常榮幸能與 Digi-Key 成為重要合作夥伴。