Using Silicon Labs LTE-M Expansion Board

Silicon Labs XBEE3 LTE-M Expansion Kit (Image source: Silicon Labs)

Do you have sensors out in the middle of nowhere? Are they in an empty field? How about in a building that you have no access to the Wi-Fi? You need some way to get that sensor data. Well the easiest way to get it is to send your data over a cellular network. But you don’t need any of those fancy 4G data plans with unlimited data. No, what you are looking at is something known as LTE-M. It is a lower data intensive bandwidth meant for IoT. I have a project using Silicon Labs’ expansion board for LTE-M. You can read more about it here. It is a simple project showing how to get connected to a network and sending data easily.


Image of Ben Roloff

Ben Roloff 是 Digi-Key Electronics 的助理應用工程師,自 2016 年起開始負責協助客戶處理微控制器產品需求。他出生於 1991 年,當時網際網路並非居家普遍的配備。但隨著他的求學過程,網際網路逐漸刻畫在他的生活中,成為成長經歷的一部份。他對電腦感興趣,也促使他進入南達科他礦業及理工學院接受電腦工程教育,取得電腦工程學士學位。

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